WhiteHat Jr. job offers – WhiteHat Jr Teacher Salary reviews

You are here because you might have been attracted by the ads you saw from WhiteHa Jr for teachers.  In this post, I’m going to share complete details about WhiteHat Jr for teachers, their salary, teachers review.  Please go through the entire post before applying as a teacher or before taking up a job.


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 What is WhiteHat Jr.?

WhiteHat Jr. is a Mumbai based, Indian company focusing on children education. Karan Bajaj is the CEO of WhiteHat Jr. program. They started initially providing coding classes for children aged below 14 years.  That’s the reason they hired many IT engineers advertising as work from home opportunities for females and males. Their advertisements were so attractive and everyone wished to join them as teachers immediately.

After the coding classes, they started Mathematics programs for children.  They hired post-graduate mathematics teachers as tutors for Mathematics program in WhiteHat Jr. Classes.

Recently, WhiteHat Jr. has started Music classes. They are now hiring talented Music teachers to teach the students. They also have Space program for children. The site has a mirror site of Byju’s future learning.


In short, WhiteHat Jr. is one to one learning platform where it connects the teachers and students.

How much does WhiteHat Jr pay its teachers?

If you are an aspiring WhiteHat Jr teacher, please read through this section thoroughly.  Let me give a straight away answer to the salary questions, it’s not 50 K per month as they advertise. The monthly fixed earning will be 10k to 15k. If you get more students, you will get this pay after three months as well otherwise, you will not get this pay.

What’s would be the working hours for WhiteHat Jr. teachers?

The availability the WhiteHat Jr. expects from a teacher is 30 hours. Although, they mention this as a part time job, 30 hours availability is high and it’s not flexible at all.  The teachers should be available from 2pm to 8pm on all days and during weekends as well. 

What is the screening process for WhiteHat Jr teacher’s selection?

To join as a teacher in WhiteHat Jr platform, you have to undergo a series of screening process.  To become a coding teacher, I wrote a complete step by step process here.

Please go through the post completely.

In a summary, you will have the following interview rounds. One you fill in the online application, you will receive a call for phone interview. Generally, they prefer candidates with IT background for coding teacher category hence there is a higher chance of you getting into the telephonic interview round if you are from IT background.  Once you clear the telephonic round, you will get documents from WhiteHat Jr through email. You also need to fulfill their technical requirements.  Then followed by Demo 1 and Demo 2.  The selection of teachers is pretty tough.

How much can I earn by joining White hat Jr. as a teacher?

Everyone has a doubt if one can earn 50k or more per month as advertised in the social media platform. The answer is yes and No. White hat Jr. pays a fixed income of up to 10-15k for their teachers.  They pay money for demo. But you should be available for fixed number of hours. Whitehat Jr pays Rs. 275 per hour which is pretty good money in Indian job market.

If you get continuous students and you are completely engaged in teaching classes for 4-5 hours a day, you will be able to earn the said 50 K amount per month.  As of now the teacher to student ratio is high. There are other big competitors in online teaching. Hence, you won’t get more classes. The earning depends on the classes; there will be less possibility to earn the said amount.

Is Whitehat Jr genuine?

Yes, Whitehat Jr is genuine online learning and teaching platform. You will get paid for sure. However, the amount of time you spend is pretty high. If you have a great passion for teaching, you can definitely join Whitehat Jr as a teacher.

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