Best five easy ways to earn money online in India without any investment in 2020

Looking for easy ways to earn money online in India in 2020? Are you frustrated reading other work from home articles that don’t work for Indians?  These tried and tested method to earn money online in India, it will help you. Read the article completely to find the easy ways to earn money in India without any investment in 2020.


2020 has been a bad year due to the pandemic for all the countries. In India there is an economic set back hence it’s very important to have a passive income. In a house, ladies should also contribute income for their family. 


Many ladies are taking care of their house and children.  The biggest challenge for them is time, skill and flexibility.  You all might have a question, how to earn money from home for ladies in India in 2002? You will find the best answers here. All the jobs which I have listed don’t require any special skill as such.  Let’s move to the topic without wasting further time.

Easy ways to earn money in India without any investment No. 1Participating in Surveys:

Taking surveys do not involve any skill as such. It is one of the easy way to earn money online in India without any investments. There are several companies which like to collect feedback about their advertisements, products etc. Using these data they arrive at the best marketing strategies.


Marketing analytics companies conduct these surveys after having a tie with big brands. These market analyses include taking surveys with the consumers.  You will have an opportunity to participate in those surveys.

You can do this survey using your phone itself, absolutely zero skill required. The questions will be simple and you just need to share your thoughts.

Which sites provide paid surveys in India?

For Indians, there are two top apps or websites that provide good remuneration for participants.

Crowin it is one of the best market analytics company.  You get more surveys if you are house wife and middle aged female. Though there are opportunities for others. The best thing about crowinit is that you can take surveys in your regional languages.  Surveys in Tamil, Hindi, Kanada, Telugu, Malayalam are available.  No minimal withdrawal.

Rakuten is also a good platform that provides survey opportunity and good remuneration for the participants. There are also other platforms such as inbox dollars, survey junkie. There are huge sites that will come up in Google if you browse through. I have tried and earned using the above platform and hence recommending.  


Very easy, flexible and quick earning. You can also earn points by referring people to the platform. Your remuneration will be credited in the form of Paytm cash.


No continuous earning. Sometimes, you won’t have surveys to take.  Doesn’t help for huge earning.

Easy ways to earn money in India without any investment No. 2 -Answering questions:

Yes, you will get paid for answering questions and even for asking questions. First, let see which gives money for answering questions.

Most of the ladies at home would have completed their school or college studies. is a platform which gives remuneration for the answers you give.

Many people also think that they get paid to answer or ask question in Quora. It’s not doable. Quora sometimes recognize a person as knowledgeable person and give cash rewards. This has happened for people who have asked question as well. The chance it little and it is not easy as you think.  


You should have a good knowledge of your subject. However, it is easy way to make money online as you don’t need to step out, teach or build a business as such.


Re-Selling products:

Requires skill and knowledge of the subject.  Less income.

This is one of the easy ways of making money online. I highly recommend it for ladies in India who are looking to earn good money at home.

You can make 25 to 30k just reselling products. You can start this business without any investment as such.

I recommend the following app to earn money online:

Meesho app

Shop 101

Just install one of the above apps. You will find them in Google play store. These are reliable apps and I have used them hence recommending.

Start circulating the products images to your friends. You can send it to them directly or just have it as a WhatsApp status. When a person inquires for the products, tell the price with a little profit. Once they person place the order, you will get the profit and they will get their product.

Hassle free quick drop shipping model earning. For higher earnings, find ways to circulate the products through social media platform.

You can view the following post to get step by step process to earn money using reselling business.

View the above post, if you wish to start re-selling.


Easy and flexible. Huge income when your business starts growing.  Basic skill is enough to get started.


Need to have patience to start seeing huge earnings.

Affiliate marketing:

Another easy way of making good income at home is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is nothing but referring people to buy a product.

Many people are doing such marketing.  Affiliate marketing can be done without owning a website.  It is one of the best ways to earn money without any investment as such.

Amazon affiliate is one of the known and easy affiliate marketing. Just heads to amazon page and see how you can become an affiliate.

More such affiliate programs are available in Flipkart. – (earlier known as Clixsense) offers variety of jobs for earning online. It includes surveys, affiliate program and more.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t include any special skill. You need to make people complete the purchase using your referral link.


Huge income opportunity if done continuously.


You will get money only after the sale.

Money earning through YouTube:

Earning through YouTube channel doesn’t require high skill. If you have a smart phone, start taking video in a particular niche and build your subscribers.

There are people who have started earning their income from the first month onwards. You just need to come up with interesting topic every day and make people watch it.  


Unlimited earnings every month. No selling involved.


Needs continuous effort and spend more time. Friends, I have listed here some the best five easy ways to earn money online in India without any investment in 2020. How are you earning? Do you have anything to suggest? Does it work for Indians? Please feel free to share it in the comments section.

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