Data entry jobs online without investment. Which site offers data entry jobs without investment?

***Update on 25/01/2018 – Although, I was able to earn money via Digitize India Platform, there is no new registration allowed and the website doesn’t work properly.. I don’t recommend it anymore***


Many people who wish to start working at home look for simple and easy data entry jobs without investment. The real challenge lies in finding a genuine data entry program.


As already revealed in one of my earlier posts, I lost a few bucks in data entry programs when I started hunting for home based job.

The main advantage of data entry jobs is that anyone can start off with it. You’re a house wife, a retired person or a college student; you can make money online with it. You don’t need to have high language skill or degree.

  1. Content typing
  2. Form Filling
  3. Captcha Typing

Data entry jobs can be done with minimal knowledge. You just need the typing skill and you are ready to start.




A few of the data entry jobs include content typing; form filling, captcha typing etc. The job provider would expect good quality and speed.

They give you strict deadlines where you need to finish your job and submit. Providers do quality inspection and credit money accordingly.

How do you find a genuine Data Entry job?

The fact is that many scammers are arising every day in this internet world. They just buy a website and write some blah blah stuff and ready to go. People who visit these sites tend to believe that they are genuine. I’m one among them, lately regretted!  and pay for their service.

That being said, I just want you to check the following to identify a legit online data entry program.

  1. Check the ‘contact us’. Is there any legit contact information provided?
  2. Is the site active? You can verify it by checking their blogs
  3. Are they active on social media? Check they Facebook, Twitter, Google+ pages
  4. Are they providing any payment proof? If not, you can ask them about the past payment information
  5. Check in Google to read review about the program
  6. If you can find their phone number or email address, you can contact them to provide information before you make any payment.

There is a higher percentage of data entry scammers in India.   In case, you are looking for joining offline data entry program, you will need to think again. Most of the offline data entry jobs are not genuine.

I recently came through an interesting post from

They have listed Top 20 Scam offline data entry jobs from home in India. It is really worth checking the list before you invest in such programs.

“Look like you are a big stupid as I see you are searching for Offline data entry jobs from home (100% fake) I hate Offline data entry very much. I understand you may looking for some freelance data entry jobs from home but trust me 99.99% Offline data entry jobs from home are Scam. I was surprised by searching for Data entry jobs on Google and realized 298 websites are there are waiting to scam your money. So in the interest of India people safety I decide to short list the Top 20 scam website that offer fake Offline Data Entry jobs in India. Before Join in any Offline data entry jobs from home my advice is to check them out and protect you from those scammer.”

Read the complete article here

Scammers alert:

I would not encourage paying upfront fee for receiving jobs. I have wasted my money in such things in the past few years and would not allow my beloved followers to undergo such a situation.


Instead switch to the genuine freelancing job sites:

Freelancing websites offers the best way to find jobs online. People from various countries outsource small tasks through these websites. There are different types of task available. It includes web research, data entry, content writing, accounting and more.

This is a genuine freelancing website that helps connecting freelancers and business people.  Well, they don’t do it for free.

Upwork takes up to 20% of your earning for this service.  You will find different type of work in Upwork. The signup process is free and absolutely safe to use their service.

You will be able to search data entry jobs, internet research services and more.  Initially you will need to begin with less price but your price can go up based on the quality and customer reviews.

Were you a call centre agent? Were you into BPO process? Were you an accountant in your full time job?

You will be able to find all of these types of job. Just create an attractive profile and take some skill tests and there you go..

Register here for Upwork:

There are more job categories available. Check this out.


Another trusted freelancing website is Guru. It is wonderful connecting platform for business owners and freelancers. You can register and find jobs based on your skill. They have safe pay option where they get the money from the hirers before the work begins. Once your work is approved Guru will pay you.

You can register for Guru as a freelancer at the following link:

Guru has more software and IT related jobs. If you were into IT industry and would like to earn online at home, the above one will be a great one to begin with.

You will also find jobs on other categories such as data entry, sales, internet research, analysis, accounting etc.

Sell your skill:

Another website which allows to sell your skill is “Fiverr”.  It’s a completely free website to sell your skill. They call any task as Gig. What task can you do for $5? It’s a gig.

You can register for Fiverr at the following link:

Don’t worry, just think how you can help others and begin selling your skill.

I have seen more interesting gigs where people are just ready to talk and spend time with you for $5 an hour.

Some gigs are like they will teach you to speak English language. They teach you to do yoga and more.

Don’t like Freelancing websites then choose Digitize India Platform (DIP):

DIP is a project from Government of India.  As you all know any program introduced by the Government is trustworthy and genuine you can join the platform and start earning doing data entry jobs.

To join the program, you should have Aadhar card, bank account linked to Aadhar card, access to internet and any smart device.

Recommended Reading: How do I join Ditigize India Platform?

Other genuine Data entry  jobs available online:

Please note, online data entry program will not fetch you more money.  You can consider it, if you have spare time and looking to earn money at home doing simple jobs.

Have you earned with any genuine data entry programs before? Feel free to add your comments, it will help others.



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          Hi Rajeev,

          I’m really sorry to know this. Yes, there are scammers every where, it’s our duty to land into safer hands. I suggest avoiding any upfront fees for giving work and yet you can invest money in gaining valuable knowledge. I also suggest to improve your skills as there are many online work available beyond data entry that pays you well. Best of luck and keep following my blogs.

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