Best work from home insurance selling (2020)

You must have tried many easy work from home opportunities online and offline. There are only a certain work from home jobs that give higher pay out. One such opportunity in work from home insurance selling.  Yes, you can do it as a part time job or work from home opportunity.

Work from home insurance selling

In this Covid-19 scenario, in many places, stepping out of home is risky. The government of India and other countries insist working from home. Many people have also lost their job and experience cut in the salary. It is very important to find primary and secondary source of income to run a peaceful life. Insurance selling is one of the high paying work from home job opportunity for sure.  Either you work on it during your free time or during weekend, it will give you a higher pay out as there will be earning of 30% to 50% as pay out.  Apart from the regular pay out there are also companies which offer higher incentives and foreign conventions. In this post, I’m going to talk about how insurance selling can be achieved working from home and how it will give you a higher pay-out.


Pay-out and earnings work from home insurance selling:

The pay scale will be really high when you sell insurance policies. The pay out from different insurance companies varies from 30% to 60%. This means, if you are able to sell a policy for 1 lac to your client, you will be earning 30k to 60k.  You will also get an opportunity to visit abroad countries and participate in other contests. It is a fantastic big money compared to any work from home programs.   When you work with top insurance companies, the product would have gained higher visibility and trust worthiness among people. It will be easy for you to promote such financial products.

People always think about term plan when we talk about insurance selling. There are more financial products such as guaranteed endowment plans. These plans act as an insurance as well as investment plan and also provide better returns.  Most of the financial products are related to child investment plans and retirement’s plans. These are hot products for parents who are looking to invest money for better returns and to save guard child’s future. 

What if , selling is not your cup of tea?

If selling is not a piece of cake, remember you can form a team under you and start earning money of it. Many insurance companies are offering such options where you can become a team leader and earn money by getting percentage of cut from your team member’s sale.  Apart from this, you will also get a regular pay and money for recruiting team members in your team.  You can still sell insurance policies under your own name as well.  There are proofs where people could earn around 5lacs or more a month in this profession.


When you take up this profession as part time, you will have to go to the client’s place to conduct a meeting. Of course, you will be assigned a manager and a partner to help you out in selling.  In this lockdown period, every meeting is happening virtually hence it has become a high paying work from home program.

If you want to do this high paying work from home program, please whatsapp at +91 96770 72917(for Chennai candidates). You can do this job during weekend if you are already in full time job for passive earning. This is also an ideal work from home job for housewives.

Eligibility criteria:

You can become an insurance advisor, if you have completed your SSLC.  Passing 10th standard is the basic eligibility. You will receive your agent code, when you pass the IRDA examination conducted by the insurance regulatory body.  You can directly get associated with top insurance companies in India to become an agent to promote their financial products.  They will train you on insurance concepts and arrange IRDA examination for you.

Which companies offers such work from home insurance selling opportunity?

There are many companies like LIC, Kotak Mahindra Life, Exide Life, ICICI , SBI and other banking sectors who deals with life insurance products provide such opportunity. Kotak Mahindra Life provide agency partnership model with higher earning limits.

How to get started working from home?

You can get started working from home insurance selling by associating with one of the mentioned banks, life division. Please WhatsApp at +91 96770 72917 (for Chennai candidates).

How to scale up to next level?

If you are considering it as a work from home carrier, you can foresee yourself to be a Senior Advisor. There are certain sale criteria to be met and the promotions are quick for ideal candidates without any internal politics.

When you see it as an entrepreneurship model, you can build your team and start growing your income. You can also become a Chief Agency Partner where you will get a fixed salary as well as pay out for the recruitment and commission from your team member’s sale.

Myths and misconceptions in work from home insurance selling

There are so many myths and misconceptions in work from home insurance selling. One of the biggest myths is that LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) alone offer insurance policies. There are many top players in insurance selling and people are open for buying the best insurance policies offered in India by other financial companies. 

The second myth is that it has more competition and the earning will be difficult. Every field has more competition and it really depends how you put in effort. Of course, when the earning is big at the comfort of your home, you should be ready to play your part with full enthusiasm.

Is this right for you? For those individuals who are looking for high paying work from home or part time job, this will be an ideal carrier. You should have consistency and desire to win. The earning opportunity is big and the support, motivation you will get from the financial institution is really good.  If you are a person with pursuance, discipline and consistent, you will be great achiever in this high paying work from home insurance selling career.

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