What are the top work from home online and offline jobs for people in India 2021? What would be the best way to make money online in India? Are you tired of finding the real online Work from home Jobs to earn a Full-time income? All questions answered here. Many things frustrate you if you fail to find a legitimate work to home jobs. Research can be the best idea to find the right opportunities in any type of jobs.

top work from home online and offline jobs for people in India 2021

Today I have come up with the 60+ best jobs that you can do it from your home, how to get started with them and examples after doing a detailed search.


Global Workplace Analytics has made a study in 2017 for a Job search site named FlexJobs.com for telecommuters, part-timers, freelancers have found that the number of people who have shifted to Work from home shot up to 3.9 billion from 1.8 million between 2015 and 2017, and it’s still growing more.

Working from home has advantages for both employers as well as workers. According to a recent study, employees who prefer to work to home jobs are saving more than Rs 760925 annually. The other advantages include increased productivity, less stress, positive environmental impacts, and less exposure to office flu and colds.

71 top work from home online and offline Jobs for people in India

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I assure you that the below 60+ best work from home jobs is one of the complete and comprehensive guides that you can find online today. No more worrying about choosing legitimate work from home jobs from now! The list includes tasks that provide you good income if hired. Few posts pay for hours, some as salary, few provides career advancement options and some other will have multiple advantages.


I have divided them into Online as well as offline work to home jobs so that you can get to know you’re favorite and choose the one among them for extra income.

50 Best ways to make Money Online in India:

Where to get started with Online Work from Home Jobs?

Though there are extra sites I have added to each of the work from home jobs, these three sites namely Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork offer every part time business for you.

1.   Virtual Assistants:

A virtual assistant is an individual who helps other small businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers and other businesses with multiple tasks. It can vary anything from content creation, graphic design, email management, social media management, bookkeeping, and more.

What are the different types of Virtual Assistant Jobs?

There virtual assistants jobs can vary anything from content creation, graphic design, email management, social media management, bookkeeping, and more.

What are the tasks you need to complete as a Virtual Assistant from Home?

Email Correspondence, data entry, editing, bookkeeping, blog management, project management, tech support, event planning, social media management, making phone calls, internet research, scheduling appointments, graphic design, and more.

Where do you find Virtual Assistant Jobs?

Freelancer, Guru, Upwork are some websites where you can start your virtual assistant jobs online from home.

How much do Virtual Assistants earn?

Based on the services, experience, and talent the virtual assistant can earn from Rs 1030 to Rs 4840 per hour.

2. Medical Transcriptionist:

Listening to the audio files received from the medical experts and converting them into written documents is the medical transcription. The written text, once it’s completed is a part of the patient’s permanent medical record.

There are medical dictation editors and transcription editors who edit and correct the reports that are written and generated with the help of the speech recognition software.

Do people need any specialized training to start working as a Medical Transcriptionist?

It is good if the individuals are well knowledge with the anatomy, medical terminology, and physiology.

What equipment and skills needed for Work from home Medical Transcriptionist?

What you need is a reliable laptop or computer, good quality headphones, foot pedal, and transcription software to playback the audio files, and a high-speed internet connection.

When considering the skills, the individuals require excellent listening skills, accurate and fast typing skills along with good written communication.

Where do you find Medical Transcriptionist Jobs?

Nuance, Accutran Global, Bam, Birch Creek Communications, are some websites where you can get started as a Medical Transcriptionist.

How much does Medical Transcriptionist earn?

The Medical Transcriptionists earn an average of Rs 1175 to Rs 2663.24 annually per hour.

3. Freelance Writer:

Freelancing is the best for writers to earn a second income online. Freelance Writing is the writing practice for money while getting employed by an organization, company or by their own. Freelance writers deliver the required content by the clients, either in a rented office space or working from home.

What are the different types of freelance writer Jobs?

Blog writing, article/feature writing, copy/content writing, social media content creation, website content writing, and more.

What are the tasks you need to complete as a Freelance writer from Home?

The freelancer writers can focus on all niches and all content like magazine articles, press releases, websites, newsletters, blog posts, brochures, or internal corporate communications.

Where do you find Freelancer Writer Jobs?

iWriter, Freelancer, Guru, Upwork, Fiverr,Hubpages,WiseGeek,Konsus, and Skyword are some websites where you can start your virtual assistant jobs online from home.

How much do proofreaders earn?

According to Glass door, most of the proof-reader has the starting salary of Rs 2,421,125 for proofreaders when compared to the freelanced writers who get Rs 2,905,350.

5. Scoopist:

Scooping deals with editing court reporter’s legal documents. Scoops work for the reporters in the court and are also the court reporter’s professional transcript editors. Most of them confuse both Scoopist and proofreaders but both are different in nature.

How much does Scoopist earn?

The salary of Scoopist for a year differs from Rs 2,421,125 to Rs 3,112,875. The salary ranges get varied as per the factors like how well you write, skills that you bring to the table, how fast you are completing the work, services you can do, the experience you have, and adds-on that you can offer with your scooping services.

What do you need to know as a Scoopist to work from home?

A Scoopist should require

  •         The use of punctuation
  •         Putting together a transcript perfectly
  •        Steps to run the specialized court reporter software
  •         Word Usage
  •         How to read the steno notes
  •         Recognizing and finding the spellings.

What skills you need for a perfect Scoopers?

You should be a word nerd; you need to stay as tech-savvy as well as you should be deadline freak and a self-motivated and curious person.

6. Data Entry Jobs:

Data entry deals with entering the information that is the form of paper to an electronic process. You will be making use of the data processing or word processing software. Companies and business have plenty of data, but examining the right business type will determine the kind of date you should work with.

Types of Data Entry Jobs:

There are different kinds of genuine data entry jobs namely data entry keyed, data entry clerk word processor or typist, online form filling.

Experience: Minimum data entry work educational requirements are a GED or high school diploma.

Websites that offer Work from Home Data Entry Jobs:

Freelancing Sites(Freelancer, Guru, Upwork), Fiverr, Micro Jobs Sites, Job Portals(Naukri, Monster), Classified Sites, Newspaper Ads are some of the legitimate type of data entry websites that provides work to home jobs for data entry.

Find here complete list of genuine websites that offer data entry jobs without any investment

Data Entry Pay: Rs 70 per hour. It varies based on the services, experiences type of data entry work, how fast you perform and more.

7. Online Research Jobs:

Digital format is the current trend, and most of the publications have moved to the digital format from print and playing an important role online for users to make sense of.

Websites where you can get started:

Yahoo! Answers, job sites like Naukri, Monster are some website where you can get started.

The working!

The perfect work at home job which provides you the complete flexibility to work as per your schedule. There are many places where you can search for the information namely blogs, Google, newsletters and so on. You can gather the data for an individual or the company who look for the information through online databases and websites.

Online Researcher Pay:

The skills the researcher holds, their experience and other similar factors determine the pay. Initially, you can earn about Rs 692 per hour. There are research assistants who are making Rs 1, 383, 50 monthly.

8. Translators:

If you are the one who is fluent in English and other languages and are looking for the perfect work from home jobs, then Translation work is an ideal suit for you. Translators work for multiple industries from marketing and customer service to the healthcare industry.

Types of Translator Opportunities available:

Based on the skill set and industry, translator jobs vary. With a background in legal or healthcare industry, the translation jobs get varies and are in huge demand. Customer Service is also one of the vital places where there are a lot of translation jobs available.

Translators pay:

The median salary for the work from home translator is about Rs 3,056,843, and this differs based on the specialized areas, availability and language skills. Translators earn about Rs 1 to Rs 5 per word.

Websites where you can get started for Translator Jobs:

WorkNHire, Upwork, Freelancer are some of the website that offers translator jobs.

9. Customer Service:

The first legitimate work at home jobs that everyone can try out is the Customer Service Jobs.

Who offers you customer services jobs to work at home?

Large companies like TeleTech and Amazon provide entry-level posts with multiple benefits.

Customer Services pay:

An individual is capable of getting Rs 692 to Rs 2075 per hour based on the experiences they hold.

Most of the customer services jobs are based on the phone so that you need a phone service on top of a laptop/desktop or other devices. Chat based support is also another part which requires a high-speed internet, a computer and individual with good typing speed.

Types of Customer Services Jobs:

Home-based travel agents, sales agents, helpdesk, and more are few types of customer service jobs to try at home.

10. Online Teaching:

Teaching is one of the vital employments that will have demand forever. Online teaching is the present trend as most of the students love to attend their favorite classes from their home itself.

How can you avail work at home jobs in Online Teaching?

There are a lot of training institutes who take online teachers who train their candidates, and the demand is getting increased day by day.

Online Teaching Pay:

The pay varies based on the teacher’s experience, the subject they are training, and more. Most of them charge about Rs 345 to Rs 2075 per hour.

How to get started?

Vedantu, TutorVista, Pearson, Tutor are few websites to get started as a online teacher. 

11. Homework Tutoring:

Apart from offline homework tutoring, there are online sites that offer tuition classes online for students with the best ideas so that the students can grab the concepts quickly and learn better than before.

Companies that hire online tutors:

Vedantu, TutorVista, Pearson, Tutor are few websites to get started as a Homework tutor.

Online Homework Tutors Pay:

The amount differs based on the experiences the individual has, and the rate varies from Rs 830 to Rs 2767 per hour.

12. Online Coach:

An online coach helps many people, has more freedom and makes more money. Nowadays the online fitness coaches are high in demand due to the increase in technology has made people busy and they have no time to go to a gym. Similarly, the same ideology applies to others too.

Types of Online Coaches:

Blogging Coach, fitness coach, relationship coach, religious coach, direct sales coach and more.

Online Coaches Pay:

The amount varies based on what type of coaching the coach offers the individuals. They may earn from Rs 1037 to Rs 24,211 per hour.

Where do you find online coaching jobs?

Indeed , Glassdoor, Career Builder, Simply Hired, Monster, Snag a Job, and Google Careers are some of the job search engines and Upwork, Freelancer are some of the website that offers online coaching jobs.

13. Search Engine Evaluator:

Search Engine Evaluator helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other company makes sure that their search engines are performing correctly and efficiently.

Search Engine Evaluator Pay:

The rate gets varied based on the evaluator, and they may earn up to Rs 1383 per hour. They test different web search inquiries as per the relevant searches and send reports to the businesses and cashing in monthly.

Google is the best employer for these types of jobs. Apart from them, Appen, Raterlabs, Lionbridge, Zerochaos etc also provides opportunities for the search engine evaluators to work at home.

14. Help Desk Support:

Are you are a techie and have good technical knowledge in networking, apps, software, mobile phones, and other issues in tech? If so, you can start your help desk support by working at your home.

Types of Help Desk Support:

There is phone-based and chat-based support available in the help desk support.

Help Desk Support Pay: The help desk support earns about Rs 553 to Rs 1383 per hour, and this price gets varied on more factors.

Companies who hire help desk support: ACD Direct, Amazon, Apple and more.

15. Social Media Marketer:

If you are an individual looking for a work to home job and are experienced in different social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others? If so, Social Media Marketing will be the perfect job!

Types of Social Media Marketing Jobs:

Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing, etc are some of the social media marketing jobs available for work at home.

Social Media Marketer Pay:

The price varies based on the experience and what type of social channel you are dealing with. They earn from Rs 1037 to Rs 2767 per hour.

How to get started?

Internshala, WorkNHire, Upwork, Freelancer are the best website to get started as Social Media Marketer. Here is an article to get started with Internshala.

16. Web Developer:

Work from home web developers develops easy to use and eye-catching websites to lead online traffic for their organization and business services and products. A work from home web developer can complete their work to home or from any other remote locations out of the office.

How to get started as a Work from home web Developer?

Having technical knowledge and programming skills is a must to become a web developer, and you can try out different technical courses available which will help in becoming the best web developer. You can acquire projects online through a different freelancing website available.

Web Developer Market Pay:

A web developer who works from home can get an average of Rs 2767k to Rs 5534k per year. The price gets varied based on different factors namely the experience, what type of web developer services you are doing and so on.

How to get started?

WorkNHire, Upwork, Freelancer are some of the website that offers web developer jobs.

17. Pinterest VA:

Pinterest VA helps to earn more profits by just working at home. Pinterest has more than 150 million people universally, and 93% of the users of Pinterest reported that they are using Pinterest to plan for their future purchase.

What are your job responsibilities as a Pinterest VA?

You need to create pins, write unique descriptions, you can schedule pins and then apply them to the group boards.

Pinterest VA Pay:

As a beginner, you can earn between Rs 1037 to Rs 1729 per hour and the rate increases when you become well versed in the job, and the rates differ between Rs 5,188 to Rs 83,010 per hour.

How to get started?

Survey Junkie, SwagBucks, Ibotta App, Fiverr Gigs are some of the website to get started as Pinterest VA.

18. Blogging:

Blogging is the best method to earn a second income online. You can make use of your interests like computers, gardening, books, etc to start a blog. You need to spend a few pennies, but the income you get is limitless.

You will be able to make money from the blog through Google Ad sense or as an Affiliate marketer for Click bank, Amazon and more. Even retired seniors can start doing this kind of blogging from their home to spend their time. This is also one of thetop ways to earn money for seniors after retirement.

Where to get started:

Fiverr,Freelancer,Upwork are fewer website that provides more opportunities for bloggers.

How to get started?

Figure out the skills which you can use to educate others, what you are passionate about, whether you are capable of monetizing it in various ways, the niche or topic that has more demands, etc.

Blogging pay:

A work from home blogger will be capable of earning from Rs 899 to Rs 3458 per hour; this varies based on the niche, the experience, the way of writing and more.

19. Graphic Design:

The demand and importance for graphic designer get increased day by day. It could be for advertisements, business logo, covers, mobile app, website branding, and blogs and so on.

What skills are necessary?

Graphic designers should have a bachelor degree in graphic design so that you can be successful as well as a perfect designer by training yourself the design crafts.

What websites allows Graphic Designing?

Canva, Become a Freelance Graphic Designer,Skill share, Design Wizard are some of the resources you can launch your graphic designer career.

SimilarlyFiverr,Freelancer,Upwork are some of the places you can get started with Graphic Designing.

Graphic Designers Pay:

The graphic designer is capable of getting an average pay of Rs 3,1128,75 to Rs 6,225,750 per year, and this differs based on the experience, graphic design they make and more.

20. Amazon FBA:

Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is one of the ways for sellers to use Amazon fulfillment services and delivery along with them to sell the products on any platform. You should send the products to the nearby the fulfillment Amazon centre, and there will be a designated pay for it. Amazon handles shipping as well as storage.

Apart from this, if you do art or crafts, handmade items you have the option of selling your products on the Amazon Handmade, and this is one of the best work to home jobs that will pay you more.

Amazon FBA Pay:

Using thisAmazon FBA, the seller will be able to earn more than Rs 692 per hour and this varies based on the product they sell.

21. Website Designer:

If you are the one who loves to design websites and in a situation of not able to go to work then the best way is to design website from your home itself. Website designing is the best option if you need to learn new things and have no idea about website design.

How to get started?

You just need a portfolio as a website designer and start designing your website at the initial state. You can purchaseword press hosting from blue host at Rs 273.24 per month. You can choose the basic plan if you are starting initially. You can make use of the Tree house andSkill share to learn website designing. 

22. Buy and Sell websites:

There are many marketplaces which you can make use of to earn a second income online.

Where to get started?

Flippa is one of the best marketplaces where you can sell or buy the domains with hassle free steps.

The income:

You will earn based on the domain weight-age. There are people who earn $1000000 plus by selling websites with good quality domains. 

23. Digital Marketer:

Every industry, company, and business needs a digital marketer. You should write and design campaign in marketing like social media scheduling, email newsletter and more to generate leads. You should also track everything that you are performing to know the results. You should watch the click-through rates, open rates, sales, impressions, etc.

Where can you look for the Work from Home marketing jobs?

Remote.Co,Thrive Internet Marketing Agency,Mashable,Fiverr,Freelancer,Upwork etc are some of the website you can get started.

How much pay do Digital Marketers get?

Digital marketers may receive about as an average of Rs 2,9494,83 per year, and this tends to increase more based on the multiple marketing factors.

24. Recruiter:

Most of the recruiters are allowed to work from home at present. You will be following the same process that a recruiter does in the office in the house also. You will be responsible for applicant screening as well as interviewing them from your home.

What is the pay of Recruiters?

The average annual pay of recruiters who work from home differs from Rs 380462 to Rs 6,917,500, and this varies based on different factors like experience, the number of interviews they have received and more.Remote.co is one of the websites where you can start with Recruiter work to home jobs.

25. Captcha Work

Captcha work is one of the best work from home job idea. It is one of the exciting works that you need to solve the Captcha, and you will be paid for each Captcha.

How to get started:

You just need good typing speed to get started. If you have a good internet connection and good typing speed you can make up more money online.

What is the pay of Captcha workers?

The Captcha dealers get about Rs 692 to Rs 3458 per hour, and this varies based on the experience, how fast you are solving Captcha and more.

You can make use of theKolotibablo,FastTypers,2Captcha,Captchatypers,prototypers, andMegatypers to earn a second income online.

26. Online Consultancy:

This is just similar to online tutoring. In this type of work from home jobs, you can talk to your clients through Skype. The one difference is that Online consultancy is more sophisticated.

Online Consultancy Pay:

An online consulting agent will receive about Rs 4,150,500 and Rs 6,225,750 per year based on the experience, and type of consultancy they own.

How to get started?

WorkNHire,Upwork,Freelancer are some of the website that offers online consultancy jobs.

27. Writing eBook and selling:

Choose a favorite niche, hobbies and the topic you are interested in, start writing eBooks, make sure they are informative, engaging and exciting so that people prefer to get them.

How to sell your ebook?

You can publish online and earn plenty of money by just sitting in your home. You can do this as part-time business too. Event students with good knowledge can do this and this one of thebest part time jobs to do from home for students.

How much you can earn?

The pay you get for this depends on the eBook you have written, the cost you are selling, etc. you can start publishing your eBook inKindle Amazon and receive a 35% royalties from them.

28. Clicking Ads and Ad Posting:

It’s easy to make money by just clicking on the ads and posting them to high-quality sites. This is similar to taking up surveys. Clicking ads and ad posting is the best part-time business and work from home job that pays you more online.

Where do I get Adposting jobs?

For more information on the Ad posting jobs, clickhere.

Clicking Ads and Ad Posting Payment:

Most of the Indian Ad posting pay Rs 3 per assignment, and the total pay varies based on your speed of posting ads, how much ads you post, etc.

29. Writing Reviews Online:

Most of the company pays money for posting reviews for their business product and services. You can write a best and balanced analysis of their products and businesses to get paid from the companies. Many companies offer you this type of work to home part-time jobs.

Who pays you for writing reviews online?

Fiverr,Freelancer,Upwork,Linkfromblog,Reviewstream,Blogsvertise are some of the websites that pay you for writing paid reviews  online.

What is the pay of writing Reviews Online?

Some people earn about Rs 69175 per month from different companies by writing paid reviews for their business product and services.

30. Intraday Trading:

Day trading refers to the purchasing and selling of a security in the single trading day. For instance, if you buy 50 shares of a company in the morning, you have to sell your position of the trading by the end of the day and then start scratching the next morning. You will be able to earn 3 to 5 % commission by trading for a few hours in a day.

How to get started?

You can start playing with the stock market online immediately after having an account with a brokerage firm. Crypto currencies, Binary options, futures, forex, bitcoins, and commodities can be traded. You can learn more about day trading fromhere.

Where can you get started?

Zerodha,Upstox,Samco,Trade smart online,Wisdom capital,Prostocks,Fyers,Sas Online, Aditya Birla, and Bonanza are some of the broker website where you can get started.

31. Selling Clothes using Apps:

There are many apps you can make use to sell clothes online. This will be the best work from home jobs everyone can do with ease.

Where to get started?

Messho, Shop101 are some apps where you can start selling clothes and get paid. I have already written a detailed post on this.  Check outhow to get started with Meesho app to start earning money.

32. Sell images online:

If you are a video creator or photographer you can use online sites to post your photos and get paid for each HD photos. Sites like Photo bucket earn money for the images they have.

What will be the pay you get when selling images online?

The payment differs based on image quality. Some images have been sell between Rs 345 to Rs 3458. You can choose this as a part-time business and start earning money online if you have a passion for photography.

500px Prime,SmugMug Pro,Shutter stock,iStockphoto,Etsy is few websites you can make use to get started.

33. User Testing:

One does not need any degree to become awork from home user tester. You will need a computer, webcam, a microphone along with little enthusiasm to be a successful tester. Check out step by step tutorial to get started with user testing.

Websites that pay you to test sites:

Respondent,User brain,Testing Time,TryMyUI,User feel are some of the websites you can make use to get started as a user tester.

What is the pay for User Testing Jobs?

Most of the sites will pay you about Rs 345 per tests. The payment varies up to Rs 1729, and this depends on the testers’ walkthrough throughout the testing.

34. Home Based Travel Agent:

Many corporate and people prefer working with travel agents to save money, management headaches and time.

How much do Home based travel agents get paid?

The home-based travel agents make an average of Rs 2,767,000 per year to Rs 6,917,500 per year, and this varies based on the type of clients, commissions, experience and more.

How to get started?

You can prefer to work with some specific niche and markets like luxury travel or destination wedding to make more money.Cruise Planners,Travel Writers,Travel Bloggers ,Home-Based Travel Agents , are some of the websites to get started.

35. Social Media Manager:

Social Media is most significant to generate leads, and it should be done by taking more time. A social media manager has to help companies in developing a full strategy or else manage social media accounts for businesses.

In some cases, the social media manager will also be responsible for handling the company’s online image. You will also be responsible for plan campaigns, to set strategy and for designing advertisements.

How much does the Social Media Manager get paid?

Based on the type of client and work, a social media manager will be able to earn an average of Rs 20,752 to Rs 1, 383, 50 per month for handling a social media account.

Where can you start your search?

$99 Social,Appen,DVMelite,BELAY,ModSquad are some websites to get started.

36. Renting on AirBnB:

If you have an additional room in your home that you are not making use of, then you can start renting on AirBnB. You can earn a full-time income by joining the AirBnB as a host.

How much will you get paid by renting on AirBnB?

Based on the place you live, you will be able to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars every month renting your room. If you are not using your house, you can rent the whole apartment for more payment.

37. Etsy Store Owner:

If you are someone who makes handmade products like jewelry, magnets, linen, holiday cards, etc. in this case, you can set up an Etsy shop and sell your handmade products and crafts online. You can make use of Pinterest to boost Etsy sales.

How much will you get paid when starting an Etsy store?

The price varies based on the products and crafts you sell, the quality and experience.

38. Video Blogger:

If you are a videographer, you can prefer doing video blogging as a part-time business. You can earn by affiliate marketing, ads, collaborating with brands, promoting products, and so on.

How much do video bloggers make?

The price may range depending on the video blogger niche, skills, traffic, quality and more. They can make from Rs 76,092 to Rs 6, 917, 50 a month.

39. Business Coach:

If you are trained professionally to help others in reaching their goals or have personal experience in that, you can become a business coach to earn a second income.

For instance, a career coach can help in assisting career transition, interviews, edit resume and so on. In the same way, a life coach helps in work-life balance, confidence, relationships and more.

What are the common areas where coaches work?

Career coach, health and wellness coach, personal coach, financial coach, blogging coach, etc.

How much does a business coach make?

The business coaches make about Rs 1383 to Rs 34,587 per hour depending on the testimonials, experience, recommendations, results you achieve, obvious points that they deal with and more.

40. Courses on Thinkific or Udemy:

If you are the best in teaching sketching, writing, painting, marketing and more, you can start creating and selling courses on online platforms like Thinkific or Udemy.

How much you get paid on these courses?

The price varies depending on the course you are dealing with, experience and so on.

41. Internet Security Specialist:

The demand for internet security specialist is increasing day by day. Your responsibility is to monitor the networks of security threats and take necessary steps to safeguard the network security standards and make sure to install different data protection system.

How much does the work from home Internet Security Specialists get paid?

The Internet security specialist earns about Rs 6,225,750 to Rs 1, 38, 350, 00 based on the experience, the security system they are dealing and so on.

Fiverr,Freelancer,Upwork are some website to get started.

42. Animator:

Are you have the skill of creating visual effects and animations for video games, movies, television, advertisements, or any other media types? If so, you can start your work from home job as an Animator. You can become a home animator as a full-timer and start earning more money online.

How much does the work from home animator get paid?

The animator gets paid about Rs 4,281,932 to Rs 6,917,500 per year based on the type of animations they are making, experience and so on.

Fiverr,Freelancer,Upwork are some website to get started.

43. Ethical Hacker:

The ethical hacker needs to break into the computer systems without any intention of reporting or causing damage to the owner. You need to find the system loopholes that the criminal hackers can make use and exploit before anything happens.

How much does the work from home Ethical Hacker get paid?

The ethical hacker gets an average of Rs 4,150,500 to Rs 6,917,500 based on their experience, the type of system they should break and more.

Fiverr,Freelancer,Upwork are some website to get started.

44. Product Review:

If you can write excellent product reviews, then you can make up more money by just sitting at home. Many websites need product reviews for their business. You can easily find them online.

How much does the work from home Product Reviewer get paid?

The product reviewer gets an average of Rs 1,383,500 to Rs 6,917,500 based on their experience, the type of products they review and more.

Fiverr,Freelancer,Upwork are some website to get started.

45. Online Therapist:

If you are one of the well experienced and qualified therapists, you can start a business which can be dealt with from your home itself. Business coaches conduct sessions online, and the same trend can be adopted by online therapists. Sites like Talk space provide an excellent opportunity to get started with the job.

How much does the work from home Online Therapist get paid?

The online therapist gets an average of Rs 2,767,000 to Rs 2,767,000 based on their experience, and other essential factors.

Fiverr,Freelancer,Upwork are some website to get started.

46. Insurance Claims Adjuster:

While few companies ask for a graduate degree but it’s not mandatory to start your career from work from home as an Insurance Claims Adjuster. There are other specific skills an insurance claims adjuster should hold namely

  • Typing and word processing skills
  • High levels of integrity and above average work ethics.
  • Math and analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Comfort with learning new software

How much does the work from home Insurance Claims Adjuster get paid?

The average salary of work from home insurance claims adjuster is about Rs 4,150,500 to Rs 6,225,750 per year based on the BLS.

Fiverr,Freelancer,Upwork are some website to get started.

47. Fundraiser:

The responsibility of a fundraiser to include different event sin organization to write grant applications, raise funds, reach out to new donors as well as maintaining a healthy relationship with donors.

How much does the work from home Fundraisers get paid?

The average salary of a fundraiser is about Rs 2,767,000 to Rs 5,534,000 per year, and this is based on the pay scale.

Fiverr,Freelancer,Upwork are some website to get started.

48. Coder:

Developing websites, apps and other stuff in techie will never go out of the business. If you are interested to learn new languages or else you are a professional coder, you can start working as a coder from anywhere. All you need is a phone, an internet connection, and a system. Tree house is one website to sign up for learning various languages.

How much does the work from online home coders get paid?

The price depends on the coders, he gets the maximum code as per his experience as well as how well the coder is able to code.

Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork are some website to get started.

49. Video creator:

Video maker is also very good job to start with. With the increase in video marketing, many businesses look for video creator for sharing with social media accounts. Facebook Watch is on top now. As a video creator, you will have more opportunity to earn online.

How to get started?

There are free tools available online for small video creation. You can also try out some free apps for creating video. Practice the art to present yourself as a professional to grab some of these jobs. The best tool is Windows movie marker.

How much can you earn as a voice over artist?

Your pay depends on per video basis. A professional video maker gets paid around Rs. 1200 and above depending on the length.

Where can you find such jobs?

I have seen many video creator requirements in Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork etc. You can also find such requirements in Facebook groups and YouTube communities.

50. Voice over artist:

Many businesses now use video for online marketing. Facebook Watch and YouTube force business to create video for marketing. Hence, there is a higher chance of these people hiring voice over artist.

What skill you require to become a voice over artist:

You can do voice over for videos if you have good pronunciation and accent required for the business. Some business also searches for voice over with native languages.

How much can you earn as a voice over artist?

Your pay depends on per video basis. A talent voice over artists get paid around Rs. 1000 and above for an hour.

Where can you find such jobs?

I have seen many ‘voice over requirements’ in Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork etc. You can also find such requirements in Facebook groups and YouTube communities.

21 Best ways to make Money Offline in India:

51. Offline Data Entry Job:

There are many types of offline data entry jobs available in the market. If you are interested in data entry jobs along with good typing speed, knowledge in Microsoft Word and other similar things. You get paid when you complete the particular number of data entries you complete.

How much go Offline Data Entry Job people earn?

The offline data entry workers may get around Rs 692 to Rs 1,521 per hour based on the amount of data entries they are completing and what type of data entry jobs they are doing like data processor, surveyor, etc. A customer service data entry is able to earn about Rs 2, 075, 25 to Rs 6, 917, 50 per month based on the factors.

52. Network Marketing:

Though it may be the oldest offline work from home jobs, it’s also one of the favorite jobs to earn a second income from your home. The role of a network marketer is to find new members in the group, and you will be provided with compassion when new members join your group. The pay depends on how many new joiners are joining the group.

53. Tutor:

Are you are a good teacher but not in a situation to go out for work? Then you can try teaching students from your home itself. A work to home tutor will be able to make up Rs 3000 to Rs 10000 based on the standard the students are pursuing and what kind of subjects you are dealing with.

54. Mail Order Jobs:

Mail order jobs are popular throughout India. You need to send magazines, pamphlets to the customers that are packed in an envelope. You need stationery and postage stamps to get started.

55. Sales Executive:

If there is an expo or exhibition, you can become a sales executive for a few hours or day and make about Rs 500 to Rs 1000 Rs per day. The only thing you need to do is to demonstrate the product you have to the customers and make them buy it.

56. Accountant or Cashier:

Stores and other supermarkets always require accountants or cashier for them. You can work for a few hours as part-time in early morning or evening and easily make about Rs 4000 to Rs 8000 per month.

57. Receptionist or Office Boy:

Receptionist or office boys are full-time jobs, but if any of your nearby home offices are looking for a job, then it might be easy for getting through. Most of the small businesses prefer young students who can also work as part-time in late night or evening. You can choose this if time and salary suits you.

58. Driving:

If you are good driving with a driving license, then you can start a cab service and appoint a few staffs and earn a second income online by just sitting in your home. You can also drive at some cases if drivers are not available and make more money. This does not deal with companies like Uber and OLA, but you can prefer having it like a small business to earn money part-time.

59. Salon or Beauty Parlour:

Nowadays people have beauty parlours in their own home itself. You can start if you are a beautician and have more space in your home. It’s the best part-time business that can be done in your home and earn money quickly. You can make plenty if you have desired beauty skills in you.

60. Human Resource Manager:

HR manager or Human Resource Manager is best full-time jobs, but some companies opt work from home HR. You need to have good contacts for this, and this is also one of the easiest jobs to earn a second income offline.

61. Dance and Music Teacher:

If you have good dancing and music skills, you can start dance or music tuition in your home and earn money quickly. You will be able to obtain about Rs 5000 and more based on the number of students you are teaching.

62. Match Tuition Centre:

Most of the students are weak in maths and therefore you can prefer starting a match tuition centre at your home itself and start teaching students. This is one of the part-time jobs that you can prefer for earning money offline.

Cuemath, begalileo are two examples of Maths Tution Centre. Here is an articlehow Cuemath helps to earn money from home.

63. Summer Coaching Centre:

Another exciting and enjoyable way to make money offline is starting a summer coaching centre. Every school get closed for summer holidays and many parents like to join their kids to different summer classes. You can make use of this and start a summer class on which you are specialized to earn money offline.

64. Stock Trader:

It is one of the riskiest work from home jobs, but you will be able to make plenty of money if you are aware of the trade tricks. With the help of day trading, you will be able to make money online by selling stocks on the same day, but you will be able to make plenty of money.

65. Insurance Agent:

Some people make money offline by selling insurances after their office hours. You can sell an insurance policy to any of your friends, family members or outside customers as part-time and make good money.

66. Marriage Bureau:

Most of the parents are looking for 100% trustworthy and genuine marriage bureaus to see a good boy or girl for their children. You can start a marriage bureau if you have time and good connections, you will be able to earn a good commission if you set a good family for the customers.

67. Counter Jobs for Food Chains:

There are a lot of new food chains at present, and therefore you can join similar food chains and do as part-time for a few hours.

68. Catering and Food:

Some people are not able to prepare food in their busy schedules but take care more for their health and prefer healthy foods from a few catering services. You can start a catering service in your home itself preparing the best type of healthy foods and sell them. This would help you to save more money.

69. Child day care:

If you are interested in taking care of kids, you can start child daycares in your home spending a room and take care of them. You will be able to earn more as well as get happiness by spending your day with them.

70. Event Management:

Wedding planner or event management people are most wanted at present. People need a perfect event manager to take care of all things at weddings, birthday functions or any other related functions to satisfy the people coming to the event. You will be able to earn a second income easily as an event manager.

71: Baker:

If you are a professional baker and if people love your baking, you can start working as a baker and earn money offline. You can sell to the neighborhood persons, online and even some stores prefer to get baked items from the homemakers.


All the above best ways to make money online and offline in Indiawork from home jobs are trusted and genuine ones. There are also some part-time businesses apart from work to home jobs available on the list for different people to get benefited.

Which one of the above work from home jobs would be the perfect one and what do you prefer to choose for you? Do you know any top online and offline work to home jobs available? Let us know through the comment section below so that we can add to the list.


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