The single best trait you must have to succeed online

You joined a course and could not complete. You joined a weight loss program, it didn’t help. You started a blog, it didn’t get traffic. What’s the reason? You’re missing on this trait.



trait to succeed online

Jane and Jessy were two close friends. Each one had their own online business. Jane was really smart and intelligent. Every one appreciated for her extraordinary talent.

Jessy was not smart as Jane. Her IQ was lower than Jane. Jessy tried her best and she continued with her effort. She failed, learned and rose again.  It continued. Jessy did very well on her business Jane couldn’t.


Jane did not put her full effort she withdrew in the middle. It’s not the IQ that brings success.

What made Jessy win in her business?

Persistence brought her success.

Here is an interesting TED talk I recently listened. Angela is a school teacher. She talks how persistence bought success to her kids.

How many times should you try to reach your goal?

The answer for this is endless times. It’s a continuous process where you fail, learn and then rise up. I have to admit that this is my third blog before which I have failed and learned many things.

Do you know how many times, “Thomas Edition” failed before inventing electric bulb? Believe it or not, he failed 10,000 times. He succeeded because of Persistence.

Another great man who went on bankrupt for five times before success is Henry Ford. He couldn’t run his first two companies.

Do you believe that Michael Jordan was rejected from the school basketball team?

One of the renowned authors, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter was rejected for 12 times.  She was very poor and struggled to bring up her child as a single parent. She is now one of the richest women.

A very common trait behind all these success stories is “Persistence”.

Do you have these excuses?

Yes, I understand at a point of time your mind might ask you to give up. It’s mainly because of fear of failure.

You hear a negative-voice, “You can’t do that”. “It’s too difficult”.  It can stop achieving your goal.

Another excuse we give, “She can achieve it because she is alone, she doesn’t have a family”, “he is a man”. Our mind looks for reason to stay in comfort.

Procrastination is also an enemy of Persistence. “I can do it later”. “I will do it after watching my TV serial”. Well, that’s not going to happen for ever.

Every one’s mind is afraid of challenges and it wants comfort. You will persist only if you are ready for changes. I have come across all these excuses. The true part is I couldn’t overcome all of it. But, I’m still consciously practicing to overcome it.

When you are feeling low, try setting up small goals. Celebrate your small wins and it will give you power to persist.

Achieving your dream is not so easy unless your mind is ready for changes and dis-comfort. Finally, believe in yourself and persist until you achieve your dream.

How many times have you failed before? What obstacles do you face to persist? Feel free to share it with me in the comments section.

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