User Testing! a great way to earn money at home without investment in India.

When you are searching to earn money at home without investment in India, most of the authors suggest you to create a blog.


Creating a blog and earning money is definitely a great way to make money online. However, it is not for everyone.


If you say, ‘I’m not a good writer but would like to earn money online’, this post is for you.  In this post, we will discuss 5 user testing website that pay you good money for the testers in India.

best websites that pay for Indian testers

Before, we move ahead, let me explain you more on user testing.


What is User Testing?

There are many new websites and apps launched every day.  Web developers and companies wish to know what people think about their websites.

They would love to get feedback from the users. This is where the tester comes in.  As a tester, you will be expected to share your feedback about their website.

You will earn money once your feedback is accepted.  I feel it’s a great way earn money at home without investment in India.

What skill do you need to become a good tester?

A user testing participant should be able to convey their thoughts without any struggles. You should be able to describe what is good in the website and what is bad.

Many business people are ready to pay you when you visit their website and share your thoughts. They also pay you when you analyse and test functionalities of their website.

Usually tester will be assigned one or more tasks to be completed by visiting a website. Once you visit the website you should find a way to accomplish the task.

Like a live commentator, you should possess skill to convey your thoughts and struggles that you go through when you try to accomplish the task.

You will be finally required to summarize your findings in written format as well.

To be precise, you should possess the following skill:

  1. Should be able to convey your thoughts
  2. Should be able to write a summary

How much can you earn?

With User testing jobs you can earn a good amount of money for the time you spend. A task usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

For a test, you will earn $10 or more. The payment varies from website to website.

How do you get paid?

The user testing websites pay on your pay pal account.  People from countries which accept pay pal account can do testing and earn money at home without any investment.

Fortunately, India accepts pay pal account and it is open for Indians.  Based on the website, you will receive payments bi-weekly or weekly in your pay pal account.

How do you get started?

You will be able to start with user testing jobs if you have the following:

  1. Laptop, computer or android phone or iphone
  2. Internet connection
  3. Headset and mic
  4. Web camera (if needed)

In some of the user testing websites, they record the video along with the audio. In those cases, you will be required to have a web camera.

Now, that you know about user testing jobs and skill required for the same.

Do you fulfil the above requirements? What are you waiting for? Just go ahead and register yourself as a tester.

Where do you get the user testing jobs in India?

There are many user testing websites available. You will be able to register on those websites as a tester free of costs.

Some of the testing websites will require you to pass their mock test before they could consider. Other websites are open for every one and accepts most of the testers.

Here with I have listed 6 best user testing websites that pay for Indians:


UserTesting is one of top user testing websites. It pays their testers on time and gives clear instructions on what is being expected.

The registration is open for people in different countries. They are many Indian testers who are earning money from UserTesting during their free time.

The registration process is simple. All you need to register with your email address. Once registered, they will send a sample test.

Once, you clear the sample test, you will receive real test and have opportunity to make money without any investment.


Trymyui is another trustable user testing website open for Indians and other international testers. The payment is made every Friday through Paypal.

You will have to complete the registration process on the website. Then, you will need to complete a sample test to be eligible for real test.

A typical trymyui test can be completed within 20 minutes. You will get paid $10 for every approved test.

Once, you visit the website there are several tips. Please go through the tips before taking up the sample test.


Userlytics accept international testers.  You will need a web camera to participate as a tester. Most of the start-ups use userlytics to test their websites.

The test takes 20 to minutes.  Once you complete the registration, you will be invited through email to participate as a tester.

You will need to visit the website and share your feedback.  Once the feedback is accepted, you will receive your money in your Paypal account.

Please note you need Windows 7 or newer version of Operating system to participate as a tester in Userlytics.


Userfeel accepts international testers and pay $10 for every completed test. Unlike other websites, userfeel ask for your native language during the registration process.

Userfeel records video and audio during testing.  As a tester, you will get opportunity to test website, apps, online store etc.


UserZoom pays $10 on an average to complete a test. The website offers opportunities to test with a computer and a mobile phone.

You will require doing online studies and voicing your opinion to get paid.

UserZoom pays via Paypal account.

The registration process is simple but you will require to complete a sample test before your get the real test.


StartUPLift pays for the feedback you write about a website.  The registration process is simple and you will need to share your feedback about a website.

Once your feedback is accepted, you will receive payment through PayPal account.


User testing jobs are great as you will earn good amount for the time you spend. But, as there are more testers available internationally the opportunity is less.

User testing opportunity is a wonderful side gig and don’t treat it to earn regular or standard stream of income.

However, you can register in various user testing websites and use the opportunity to earn money at home without investment in India.

Have you tried earning money as a tester? Share your experience with us.

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