Top ways to earn money at home after retirement in India

When we talk about retired people, I remember my maternal uncle who is full of energy and enthusiasm even at the age of 70 years. He is a retired Post master. Here is a post on Top ways to earn money at home after retirement which will keep you busy, upgrade your skill and bring accolades. Are you all ready for the second run?


Top ways to earn money at home after retirement in India


Let’s go back and discuss what my uncle does. It was the first month after retirement. My uncle was relaxing completely. The next month on-wards he felt vacuum. He badly missed his office routine. The family members’ didn’t have time to talk with him. Yes, it’s a busy world. Even my aunt was busy with her household chores.

My uncle started spending time on his smartphone and Television. But, still he felt there is more time left. He loved travelling especially to spiritual places. With his travel photographs, he started a blog sharing all his spiritual experiences.

Although he could not earn money as he was in his full time job, he was able to keep him busy the entire day. He was so happy, as he learned new skills and created a like-minded community. He received many accolades. After he crossed, 65 years he couldn’t travel much. He started taking ‘Veda classes’ at his house. He is so happy, as he got 62 kids learning Veda from him. He is so proud that he could bring some changes. The retired brains are so powerful and I always see energy flowing with senior persons.


I agree, your age and health won’t help you to go outside to do any job. Hence, the best way to earn money is right from your home. In this post, I am going to suggest you, how to earn money at home after retirement through offline and online.

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I understand that senior people like you won’t be technically strong. That’s not going to stop you from working from home. Here are some of the top ways for seniors to make money offline.

Ways to Earn Money At Home offline:


A skill that is learned won’t be forgotten till the end of the life. You may have an extra talent such as music, drawing, arithmetic skills. Share your knowledge to the younger ones and there are many parents who would like to send their kids for tuitions. Many girls love cooking classes. You can even do cooking session.

Rent Your Car

If you have car and you don’t use it on regular basis, then you can earn money from it by giving it someone who gave you rent per month in return for it. It is quite easy then doing anything else.

Do You Have Enough Space In Your Home?

If yes, then I think you should rent your space, and earn money without doing anything. Just by providing some space for rent and some basic things like a connection of electricity and water, you can earn money on per month basis and I think it is the best way to earn money.

Tiffin Services:

Food available in canteens or restaurants is completely useless and not good for health. We all remember the taste of our home food, especially when it was made by our mother. So this is the best way to earn money especially for ladies who love cooking.

At big cities, especially in morning mostly everyone is in hurry to reach office, that they hardly find any time to prepare their lunch, then there you can provide this service and earn money as no one refuses to have home food, free from unhealthy things.

Become an Author:

There are many authors who become famous after their retirement. If you have good creativity, start writing and become an author. Make sure to have an unique style in your writing. You can also start by writing to newspapers, magazines and then become a novelist.

There are smart retired brains who are very good in using laptops and smartphones. Here are some of the online jobs to do after retirement:

Ways to Earn Money At Home online:

What Is Freelancing? Is It Easy Or Difficult?


As everyone has some kind quality and skills, which makes us different from others and here Freelancing websites like Upwork, Guru, Fiverr are the best platform to get money in return for your skills.

Whether you are in admin section, accounting section, engineering section you will definitely get the job here as these websites are the most trusted websites than others in case of getting a job and receiving money.

Most of our senior citizens say that they don’t have any such skill discuss above. I say Don’t Worry, you have experience of your life and with that experience, you can write articles for different websites and this is your unique skill. You just have to do free signup, send proposals and select job according to your skills.

Fiverr: If you have a little bit skill of making different logos or small intros, you can earn $5 per small video. Here I want to conclude my advice, that you can also learn how to make logos and intros on YouTube which is a completely free platform.

What Is A Blog? How To Earn Money From It?


I will suggest you; start your blog or website. Making website is not so difficult task, just by buying a domain and paying for web hosting you will be able to start your work. You just have to select the best topic for your blog and start writing about it.

Just start writing what you know and your experiences. For example, a retired advocate can write about Indian Legal systems. A passionate cooking aunt can write about her favorite recipes.

Even you can also share your ideas, opinions or you can review about any products which available on online stores like Amazon, Flipkart etc

One more important thing, that you have to link your website with Google Adsense which is the most trusted and which serve advertisement based on your website content, help you in generating revenue.

As Google Adsense has more CPC value than YouTube, so within 2-3 months your get start earning money and I think it is best for retired persons, just to sit on your bed or sofa and start writing.

Does Affiliate Marketing Help Me In Earning Money?

Affiliate Marketing is another good option which you can add to your blog discussed below. You only have to be consistent in your work, so that more visitors came on your website.

Affiliate Marketing is actually a kind of Digital Marketing, means you have to sell products on the internet without going anywhere or doing some door to door marketing.

In this, you become an indirect seller, and you just have to do signup with online product selling websites like Amazon or Flipkart which is completely free. When you sell any product you will receive commission set by them. But the big question arises here where you sell your products? Which platform do you choose? Where You Sell Products?

The question is big but the answer is small, your blog gives you a wonderful platform to sell your products online without going anywhere. In fact, by this way, you can boost your earning, just by adding links to different products, you are able to sell them and earn some extra money.

Even you can share Affiliate links to different products like clothes, mobile phones, different gadgets on your Facebook account, which is also a good platform to sell your products.

Sell your skills:

Most of the retired persons or senior citizens have enough knowledge to share, but where?

If you know how to teach, how to guide students in their studies then I am saying you are capable of earning money online by this skill. There were many websites on the internet which help you to grow. An example is, where you can teach students and earn money. This website gives you an already set platform.

Even if you have some skills and knowledge about some software, you can give training to many students on website name Udemy and can earn good money.

Writing E-Books:

Yes, writing book is also a good source of income. You can take a social topic or of a topic of your choice and start writing on it. Now I will suggest you, sell your books on Amazon, which is a wonderful place to sell your book or you can contact some big booksellers.

If you don’t want to write a complete lengthy book, you can just write an eBook which is as an electronic book. These books can be read on laptop, computer or even on your device. For writing eBook easily as much free software are available on Google. After completing your book sell it on Amazon, which gives you best price for your work

Domain Selling:

Nowadays domain selling has also become a good source of money. As you all know everyone wants to expand their business and for this they use internet, and after making website they gave their business a new direction.
But you know that they need domain for their website. If you already buy a domain you can charge them ten times of the actual cost and they have to pay.

My suggestion is that you must buy .com(dot com) as it is mostly in demand.

As work after retirement is more enjoyable because here you got flexibility in your work. You do work from your home with your own terms and conditions. You like what you love to do and of course you earn money out of it.

I hope these top ways to earn money after retirement in India would really help. Do you have any interesting story like my uncle’s to share? Feel free to share it in the comment section.

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