Top 10 Genuine Online Jobs From Home Without Investment

The internet is a great source of finding different kinds of stuff. It can help you to find top Genuine Online Jobs From Home Without Investment but with high caution.


The reason is there are a lot of fake websites who gives you offline and online work with some registration fees. They will promise you to give good money in return for your work, but you didn’t get anything from them.


To be very honest, I am also one of them, who faced issues like this. Don’t be a prey anymore.

I have listed some of the top online jobs which I have tried and tested to earn money at home without any investment. Of course, you need to invest your skill, hard work, time, energy and little money for your internet connection and electricity bill.

However, it’s not as difficult as you totally eliminate the commutation expenses for going to your workplace, no time for family and leaving peace of mind. These online jobs also offer you freedom to work at home flexibly and on any attire 🙂  (which I love most)


Genuine online jobs

Let me begin with the easy jobs available online without investment. You don’t require possessing a high level skill for doing these gigs.

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21 genuine websites that pay you to write tutorials online

Be cautious in choosing the right website for such easy gigs. Most of the websites are fake and don’t pay you properly. They reject your work in the name of quality or something else. Your time will go in vain.

Also remember, you will need to work more to earn less amount of money. Please read through their TOS before signing up for these sites. Based on my own experience, I suggest the following websites:

Easy and Top Genuine online jobs without investment


2captcha is a simple and easy way to earn money. In this, you have to freely register yourself and give a small test by solving the captcha. There was total 40 captcha in a test. When you solve them correctly your profile gets approved by them and then by solving more captcha, you will start earning money.

I want to give you some updates regarding 2captcha is that now 2captcha is available in three different modes. Either you can solve a captcha on their website or their software name Captchabot or they also have a mobile android app available on their website.

You have to have an invitation code to get registered. You will get an invitation code once you do a Google search. Go to Google search, search for the term, “Megatypers invitation code” and you will get it.

The job involves solving captcha code. The more speed and more accuracy you provide, you will get more money.

Microjobs/PTC jobs:

Micro jobs are kind of small jobs available on various websites where the employer gives you various kind of small task like searching something on a particular topic or you have to share the website on your Facebook profile or you have to give a review about some products in just three lines. All these jobs took only 5 to7 minutes to get completed. So the famous among them is Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Here you have to make your profile which gets approve easily. After that you will be provided some HIT, which means Human Intelligence Task a kind of work in which you have to finish it as soon as possible and you will get the money without investing anything.

I have worked as a trucker in mid-2016. At times, they shut and close for foreign workers. They sometimes accept only US workers. Just try your luck.

However, PTC websites are still open for Indians. Paid to Click or view advertisements jobs are available here. Listed here are some of the PTC websites:





Pros: Flexibility, Easy to work, No skill required.

Cons: Need to be consistent, Work hard for little money.

Social Media Evaluator or Search Engine Evaluator:

At times, search engines such as Google, Bing end up showing irrelevant content. Although, everything is programmed, human intervention is needed to check if the relevant results are being shown. This is where Search Engine Evaluators comes in. This is same with Social Media Sites. Human evaluators are needed.

The following sites are offering such jobs. The good thing is that Indians also can participate and it is a work from home position:




Pros: Flexible working; Good Pay

Cons: Only 1 to two hours of work daily.


The word freelancer is used for those people who work on contract basis. They don’t stay with any employer or owner of the company for a longer time. They just finish their work and move towards another task.

There were many websites on the Internet which offer the best work that suits your skill. The best part is that you don’t need to pay any type of money or registration fees or doing some investment in it. All you need is to prove your skills. There were many freelancing websites available on Internet but the best and most trusted among them were given below.

It is the most famous and trusted among others available on the Internet. This website is amazing, with some little patience and skill you will be able to find a job here. Firstly you have to register yourself with a genuine email address, add your correct and complete information while making your profile.

Consider working on a project sincerely with dedication as you will work on your full time job.

There were also other similar websites which also offers you job according to your skills are given below. You just have to register yourself on these websites, without investing or paying any money.


This is another amazing website, which is almost similar to Upwork. Here you have to make your profile with all your details. Yow will find a job here. Do you have a skill like writing on different topics, or you know how to use Microsoft Office Tools like Word, Presentation etc or you know how to make logos or some graphic designing then Guru is best for you? Again it is free, no need to pay or invest anything. You just have to invest your time and skills to earn money.


Don’t worry; you can learn it easily in few steps on a completely free platform like YouTube. Making logos and intros just need only 20 minutes and then you can sell them online on Fiverr. For every intro video which is less than 30 sec. gives you $5 easily on Fiverr. People earn money just by selling all these kinds of stuff on this website.

Pros: Flexibility, Food for challenge, more room for learning, high earnings

Cons: Need to bid for work, Need to build a good reputation before reaching a higher pay.


Nowadays making blog or website is common for everyone. It will help you to earn money without investing any big amount. There are many websites like and which helps you to start your blog and start earning money.

Free hosting websites like and in which you don’t need to use any coding. These websites are similar to your Microsoft WordPad that is simple and quite easy. You just need to type and make consistency in your work so that more visitors come to your blog.

With the help of Google Adsense, you can start your earning. You have to link your website to Adsense account and after some time, you will start earning, depending on how much your website is doing well. also offers good earnings for their partners.

Pros: High income when you have more visitors and websites; Easy and flexible for people who love to write, more time for family and time flexibility. Be your own boss.

Cons: Not a quick to rich scheme, need hard work, dedication and persistence.


If you are not a passionate writer, blogging won’t work for you. I suggest vlogging. You don’t need to invest on fashion equipment, just your smart phone is enough.

Upload your videos to YouTube and start earning when you build your audience. Facebook is also in the process of rolling our Ads in their videos. This is the right time for you to pitch in Vlogging.

Get inspired by:

Pros: High income when you have more visitors to you channel and when you brand yourself; Easy and flexible for people who has outstanding talent.

Cons: Dedication and persistence.

Affiliate Marketing:

Another well-known and easy way to earn money is via Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is nowadays become more common among YouTubers and bloggers.

You can also promote products on your Facebook, or Whatsapp without a need of a blog.

Clickbank is one of the best affiliate marketing websites.

Find a product related to your niche and start promoting it on your blog. Once a person buys it, you will get a sales commission.

You can also partner up with



In this, you have to freely register yourself with top websites like Flipkart, Amazon and sell their products just by copy the affiliate link on your website. If someone buys from the link you have given on your website, you will get paid some money on selling that product. Amazon offers you 1% on watches it means when you able to sell a watch of cost Rs 500 you will get Rs 50 in your account. Selling eBooks gives you more on Amazon as some time they offer 12% at the particular times.


Do you know you can become a reseller with zero investment?

Meesho Supply App:

This is a free app where you can download on your Smart Phone. The app gives access to new catalogs from wholesale retailers. Forward these catalogs to your network with a price including your cut. Once your contact pays money, place the order to the supplier with your client’s address.

This is wonderful way to earn without any investment. Many of my friends are earning good money by reselling.

You can also do this through Amazon, Ebay etc.

Pros: Ideal for people who has marketing skills.

Cons: Doesn’t work if you hate selling.


Are you a passionate teacher? How about online teaching?

This is famous and helps you to earn money per hour daily without any investment. Did you remember I told you to make your professional profile on Linkedln? Here that thing helps you to earn money.

Skype – By making a free account on Skype you will be able to come in direct contact with student or person who wants to learn something from you. Most people prefer to teach like this and for every lecture, you will get $10 approximately for less than 2 hours.

This is another best platform for sharing your knowledge and earning money in exchange for it. It is most common and trusted website which not only let you teach online but also offers you some easy task like helping students in doing their homework and in exchange for it you earn money.

Pros: Great for people who have passion towards teaching.

Cons: It would take time to start earning your money. Finding clients is difficult.

These are the top genuine online jobs at home. I would suggest allocating an hour a day to grow your skill either by reading blogs or watching YouTube videos. Join a course or program with a little investment. Just making a little investment to improve your skill, you can earn good money online with little work. We spend so much money in restaurants and dress but don’t spend little money to enhance our knowledge.

Choose the work that goes with your passion so that you won’t feel like working, you will enjoy it.


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    I tend to be wary of online ‘make money’ opportunities, but sometimes I come across one that is too good to pass up. Here is a great example…you get paid just for putting your existing social media skills to work:

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