Top genuine part time jobs from home for students

Student’s life is full of energy and creativity and using that energy and creative ideas you can earn money as well. You will be surprised to know about these part time jobs from home for students in India.


part time jobs for students


When we compare Indian Students with Global students, students of other countries start earning while they are in college. It gives an experience or a kind of a backup plan, which they can also use in making their future. We are on par with global students. You will be really happy to know these top online jobs from home without investment for students. I have included offline part time jobs for students as well. These jobs will give an experience and also help students to earn money at home during their free time.

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Student play an important role in our society. It has been said that students are the coming future of our country. While in student life may want to earn some money while doing studies. Some need money to pay their fees, to buy new books, to fulfill some of their desires. If you are a college student and you are in another city for your further studies, you need money to pay rent for your room. It has been said that Earning While Learning is considered to be the best thing for the students.


Free online jobs for students without investment

Love what you do and earn from it

Nowadays, most students love to click photos, of different events, or of any animal, plant, bird etc. Capturing photos now becomes a hobby. With this hobby, you can earn money online in a very easy way. There were many websites like iStockphoto, Shutterstock etc on the internet where you can sell photos, you clicked from your camera.

Even you can also make your personal websites and sell photos online. One of the examples is; it is an Indian website who sells photos online. In future, you can create a business like this and enjoy what you love to do.

Can you Teach Online?

Can you teach online? If yes, then you have a vast opportunity to earn money without any investment. Many websites offer you best platform to teach others.

a) Teaching Yoga/ Music

Teaching yoga is the best thing to teach people. In your schools, you have learned different things like Yoga, Music etc and you can teach all these things to others on the Internet. The best platform to do this through Skype.

b) Teaching Academic Subjects

Teaching someone in exchange for money is the best way to earn while doing studies. Some websites like and are the best platform to deliver lectures online and earn on daily basis. In this you don’t need to invest money, you just have to invest your time and knowledge to earn money. Udemy also helps you to teach online. Udemy solves two purposes- you can learn any skills (how to promote your business, blogs, digital marketing) through it. You can then become a teacher and sell your courses.

Earn through Affiliate marketing


Blogging is something like a website in which you have to write. You can share our own experience, some tips from day to day life. Even as a student you can write and explain something from your textbook which helps others students also. Neil Patel and has excellent content to learn blogging.

Is It Possible To Do Blogging without any investment?

Yes, it is definitely possible to write blogs without any investment. There are many websites like, WordPress, Tumblr, which give free web hosting for lifetime without any investment.


In this you don’t have to write anything, you just need your phone’s camera to shoot video and just by doing some editing you can upload directly it to YouTube. You can also earn money through vlogging, just by enabling the monetization option on your videos. Here getting payment is highly genuine and secure.

Earn money using social media sites

Facebook is not only a kind of social media platform but also helps you to earn money. You can make a Facebook Page and after that start posting different articles or your study related content and after some time when your pages become famous you can earn money from it by the sponsors who display their ads on your page. FameBit is one of the websites most used to earn money on Facebook.

FameBit sponsors you both on Facebook as well on YouTube.


YouTube is one of the best platforms for watching videos on different topics. While watching videos most of the time you have seen some ads came on screen that is the way how YouTubers earn money. YouTube is best and genuine way of earning money for students. For this, you have to make a free signup on YouTube with your Gmail after that choose the best niche. You can choose a topic related to your studies also, like if your teacher, teaches you some topic you can make a video on that in your own way and then post it on YouTube. By this way, you can teach many other students.

Where do I Get Sponsors To Earn More Money?

When your channel grows you can even contact some websites like FameBit to get sponsorship, just by displaying their ads in the starting or at the end of your videos, you can earn well through sponsorship.

Online business with zero investment

Being a student you will have more opportunity to network with people. You will have more friends. You can either sell clothes to them. (it’s one of the easiest way to earn money without any investment). I recommend using Messho app to start selling online.

Click the link give to download the app now.  –

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You can also sell through Facebook and other social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest etc.


Easy online job for students

In case, you are looking for  easy online job for students, I would recommend the following:

Captcha is a kind of picture with some alphabetical and numbers are written in it. You have seen it most of the times when you do signup in your emails, or to log in to some websites. Actually, it is used to control spam.

There were companies who gave money for solving captchas. One of them is where you can do free signup and start solving the captcha. They pay 1 to 2 $ per 1000 correct captcha solved by you. If you think that you can type fast then you must try this just to add some money to your account. It’s an ideal online job for students with no experience.

Become a Freelancer

Fiverr are a popular website and a good way of earning money. I would call it as the best online jobs for students in India. It offers flexibility and good payment and it’s an online job for students without an investment in India.  Fiverr is a platform where you can sell different services in exchange for money and it is 100% genuine. If you know how to make stylish logos, or you can do some digital drawings, writing reviews, design business card etc, then I think Fiverr is best for you. Other freelancing websites such as Upwork, Guru and freelancer offers the best way to earn money online for students.

Search Engine Evaluator

What exactly a Search Engine Evaluator?

Before understanding the job name Search Engine Evaluator, you first need to understand the need for making this job.

Whenever you search something on Google or on Yahoo, it doesn’t mean that you get the right answer from your search engine. You find many answers, links, and websites and after spending more than 10 to 20 minutes, you finally being able to find the correct answer according to you. It doesn’t mean your search engine is wrong, actually, it is designed in such a way to show you each and every result related to your searched term.

So to avoid wasting time there is a need to generate job name Search Engine Evaluator, which search given topics on a different search engine and provide the correct answer. Some websites like and, which gives you the best platform for doing this job without any investment. This work is quite flexible, as you can do work directly from your home, or you can decide the time for doing work, it’s up to you.

Offline part time jobs for students

By being a Tutor

By being a tutor is an easy and interesting job to earn money from your home. Whatever you learn you can teach as well. Suppose you are a student of a class 10th, you can easily teach and give lessons to students up to class 8th without preparing some previous lectures to deliver. You can do this job for 2 to 3 hrs daily after completing your studies and earn money 3000 INR per month.

Selling Notes

This is an interesting job for students. In this, you have to make notes and sell them. Making notes for students is not a difficult task to do. You all make notes while you are doing studies, that same thing you have to do here. You can make notes on a particular academic subjects (Science, Social-Studies) etc, or you can make notes on a topic like Important questions from previous 10-year question papers, which students buy easily from you in your school and college.

When I was a college student, there was a photo state shop opposite to my college, who sell notes made by different students.

Projects and Models

In big cities, there were many shops outside some universities and colleges who hire you to made models and projects as demanded by different students who study in that college. They gave you 300 to 500 per project.

I hope you will pick one of these part time jobs from home for students to start earning money. If you have any interesting online jobs for students, please feel free to add in the comments.

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