Is Whitehat Jr genuine? Honest and detailed Whitehat Jr review for teachers.

Is  Whitehat jr a  good work from home platform? Honest Whitehat Jr teacher review. I have been writing about many work from home programs and now it’s time to review on the recent buzz in internet, Whitehat Jr, a work from home program. Please read the complete post to know about the Whitehat jr salary, Whitehat Jr interview process and how to clear the whitehat jr interview process etc.


What is Whitehat Jr?

Whitehat Jr is a coding learning platform for kids. They focus on primary schooling kids generally between 5 and 14 years. It’s an interesting and notable start up by alumini of IIT and IIM students. Karan Bajaj is the CEO of the company. Their vision is to fulfil the technology gap for the future generations. They provide 1:1 coding class for their students.


How Whitehat jr provide work from home options?

As discussed, the Whitehat Jr provides 1:1 online session for students to learn coding. If it is going to be 1:1 sessions, they need more number of qualified teachers. This is why they hire teachers train them on coding. The teachers will be online with students and teach kids to code, build robots and more.

What are the requirements to become a Whitehat Jr teacher?

If you wish to become a Whitehat teacher, please visit Fill an online application form. The following are the requirements:

  1. You must own a PC with a camera
  2. Good Internet connection.
  3. Your chance of getting selected is high if you are fluent in English
Whitehat jr review

Do I need to know coding to become a Whitehat Jr teacher?

You don’t require knowing coding as they have beginner, intermediate, professional and advanced level. For those who don’t know to code, they will put them in beginner level. I have seen people with good teaching and communication skills without technical knowledge working as Whitehat Jr teacher.

What is the selection process for Whitehat Jr teacher?

The platform aims at bringing the best teachers for the kids. Hence, they have three vigorous rounds of selection process.  The website states that there are five rounds of interview for selection process. Video application, online interview, live demo class, technical round finally training and certification. However, this is not happening. Once, you submit the application to become a teacher, you will have the following set of selection process:

  1. Telephonic Interview
  2. PDF curriculum submission
  3. Live demo class
  4. Technical round
Whitehat jr selection process

How to clear Whitehat Jr interview?

You must have excellent English skill and a passion for teaching to clear the interview. The telephonic round usually has basic questions such as tell about yourself and your experience. They also would like to know about your availability. There is a higher chance if you are available between 4 and 8 pm slot for 7 days a week. They might expect you to work 7 days a week in this time slot as they have more students in this slot. Please be open for this requirement.

Once you are selected in the interview, you will move to second round. They will send a pdf and ask you to prepare a curriculum. You will have to do a live demo of the teaching. To clear this round, I suggest practicing it and present in a fun full way. Assume that you are teaching for a primary student child, use simple language. Be confident and present your best. The final round is technical round. If you are technically savvy this will be easy. This is just a basic technical requirement to know how to conduct an online session. You should know how to do screen share etc.

Do I need to pay fee to become a teacher in Whitehat Jr?

There is absolutely no upfront fee or program fee. The biggest challenge is clearing the three rounds of interview. Once you clear the interview you will be appointed as a teacher in Whathat Jr. There is no program or platform fee.

What is the salary for Whitehat Jr teachers?

The salary is based on the level which you are in. The beginner level teacher gets Rs. 10,000 as a fixed salary and based on the sessions they take they will get Rs. 275 for one hour. If you are taking more classes, there is higher chance of earnings. There are people who are earning around 50 to 1 lac per month in this platform.

Do I get fixed salary in Whitehat Jr or is it class based?

Teachers in Whitehat Jr will get fixed pay of Rs. 10k per month and variable income based on the classes you are taking. A beginner level teacher will get Rs. 275 per hour which is a decent pay comparatively. Please note that Whitehat Jr charges Rs. 675 per hour for students who are taking up the class.

Is Whitehat Jr a genuine work from home platform to earn money?

Women who are looking to earn money from home can join Whitehat Jr. It’s a reputed start up and the gives extra ordinary support for teachers. They guide you in every aspects. So far, the platform has gained a good reach. Hence, for the coming five to six years Whitehat Jr will have more students. When they have more students, they need more teachers as it is a 1:1 online session. Whitehat Jr pays Rs. 275 per hour which is good money in Indian job market. I have read reviews online saying that the teachers are under paid. We rarely find good work from home programs from a genuine platform. There are a few work from home platform for women such as Cuemath, vedanthu doesn’t have a fixed pay as such. Those program work based on the number of students you have. You also have the responsibility to find students for the program. Unlike these platforms, Whitehat Jr gives a fixed salary and a variable income. They also provide students for you take class. Women with good skill will have a better earning chance in Whitehat Jr platform. This is my honest review on Whitehat Jr platform and yes, it is a genuine platform.

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