How I’m earning a passive income with an online business without investment in India? (The Exact Method)

Have you ever thought of starting your own business (Hurray, I found an online business without investment in India)? Yes, but we are always afraid of the initial investment and fear of loss in the business.


If you are continuously following my blog for a couple of months, you might have noticed, I’m trying out each and every work from home ideas and sharing my experience with you. This will help you to earn money working at home of course in a safer way.


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Online business without investment in India

I’m not from a business family hence I’m always afraid of starting my own business.  I have seen many of my friends don’t prefer to start their own business. Well, one of the major challenges that you face in starting your own venture is fear of losing your initial investment.

What if I tell you, you can start your own business without investment and earn passive income working at home? True, you don’t even need to own a website. Interesting right! Please do stay with me to know what the business is all about and how you can also start doing it.

A couple of month back, on a day, I was just juggling with the apps on my phone (Android) and came to know re-seller apps. I wouldn’t hesitate to download the app on my mobile as it is a free one. We all like to try out when it is free, right. I’m not an exception. I browsed through the ‘Help’ section and found it to be a great way of earning money at home.

I have explained here each and every step how to start reselling business using your smart phone without any initial investment in India. But, please make sure you invest your knowledge and time to earn a good passive income via your own online business without investment.

What is Reselling?

Before, we could get to know about the mobile app, I wish to explain about a term called ‘Reselling’.  Reselling as the term says, it is selling an item that you bought from a whole seller. Retail selling is also a form of re-selling.  There are many women who would buy clothes from the wholesaler and sells it to their friends and neighbours with some profit. It is also re-selling. You physically sell a product to the customers.

The major dis-advantages of such physical re-selling is:

  1. There is a requirement of initial investment
  2. What would you do with the dead stock? Dead stocks are the one which you bought from the wholesaler but couldn’t sell it to your customers.
  3. Storage space is also a big issue. I don’t want my house to be dumped with clothes. So do you, right!
  4. There is always a risk of facing loss
  5. Of course, finding a potential buyer is also an issue
  6. You also need to spend time on delivering the goods.
  7. Expansion is nil as you could serve only people around your area.
  8. Maintaining inventory is a real headache

We can overcome all these issue by using ‘DropShipping’ model.

What is DropShipping?

DropShipping is a business model where you don’t need to stock any of the products. When a customer places an order, you book the order to the wholesaler. The wholesaler would ship the product to the customer directly. You get the money from the customer and pay the price to the wholesaler. The difference in the price is your profit.

The dropshipping eliminates most of de-merits of physical reselling. It completely eliminates the loss on business. This is because you are going to place order for the item which your customer would like to buy. Hence, there would be no dead stock.

Now we have a business called re-selling and have eliminated de-merits of physical re-selling. The next thing is how do we source the products.

Finding source for your reselling business:

I know about re-selling business and my instinct insisted me to try it out. However, I would like to go for the drop shipping model as I don’t want to face any loss as such. The real challenge was to find the wholesaler who gives the option of Drop shipping.  Of course, I would also need to find various wholesaler as the fashion is changing every day.  If I use only one wholesaler I wouldn’t get more variety.

Hurray, the app I found on that day solved most of the problems, I had in starting a re-selling business.

How did I set up an online business without Investment in India?

These are some of the ways; you can set up an online re-selling business:

  1. Setup your own website, online store with products of WholeSaler
  2. Setup a store in Amazon or E-bay.

However, as I told you, I don’t want to do any monetary investment, I was looking for a much easier way where I could start the business instantly and run it.

I choose WhatsApp, Facebook as my selling platform and didn’t prefer the above two ways.  I love free stuff.:)

I looked out for a passive income hence I used my own contacts for selling the clothes. That’s how my first business journey started. I named the business, created a logo.  I created a WhatsApp group with my contacts and started sharing the dress images of the wholesaler.

I live in Southern Part of India. I was able to procure interesting North Indian fashions dress and accessories with the re-selling app. Some products are super hit and people started buying from my store.

I also created a Facebook page, where I was able to reach a larger audience.


What do you need to start the reselling online business without investment in India?

You need the following to start your own business:

  1. Smartphone
  2. A bank account in your name. If you are not familiar about online payment, please familiarize them.
  3. Basic technical skills
  4. Basic selling skills
  5. A Pan card. This is not required as mandatory, but I would suggest having it as we need to file our income as a Government requirement.

On your smartphone download the app ‘Messho Supply’. Make sure to use the reference code ‘UMA653’ while signing up for the app.  (PS: This is an affiliate referral code and it will earn commission for me.  For all those you join using my code, I will share more marketing tips and tricks to sell more). Please click the following link to download the app on your phone. . You will also get sign up bonus of up to Rs.150, if you use the above referral code.

There are also other re-seller apps which you can try, but I recommend Messho as it is easy to start with. Once you complete the registration, you will be seeing many items to sell. Please make sure to learn through the ‘Help’ section to know more how to share the images to your contacts and sell through WhatsApp.  They have excellent phone support to guide through the process and to help in case of any issues.

How much can I earn?

It really depends on how many items you sell. Messho Supply also has their incentive systems for sellers and they credit extra money for achieving their weekly target. I was able to reach the three incentive levels with in a month of starting my business. Please remember it is going to be a passive income and hence don’t expect the returns of your full time earning.

Challenges in re-selling business:

It was easy for me to start this business as it was an online business without investment in India. However, you will need to face quality issues and delay in delivery issues. Messho Supply allows refund in case the customer doesn’t like the product. In that case, you will not any financial losses however; you will have to take care of the reputation as a seller.

What is stopping you? Just install the app on you smart phone and start your own business without investment in India. Please share your thoughts. Have you tried an online re-selling business before? What are the major challenges you faced?

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  • September 30, 2019 at 10:54 am

    Amazing content written. All points are very clear and up-to the mark. For reselling business I recommend Meesho reselling app as I am also using it from last 6 month and very happy with the service and earning money online without any investment.


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