Internshala review – 360-degree . Does Internshala help me to earn working from home?

In the pink route, we are trying out each and every work from home opportunities and give a detailed review. In today’s post, I’m going to do a 360-degree review on Internshala. I don’t find a detailed Internshala review  in Glassdoor.


I have been hearing a buzzword ‘Internshala’ in the internet recently. I thought, let me try it and find if any work from home opportunities are available. How does it work? What sorts of work are available? Is it only for students? Does it help for housewives and other people who are looking to earn money at home? You’ll find all the answers here. Please stay with me till the end because it’s not what you think.


After I download Internshala app, I was surprised to see it has lot of opportunities from various companies

(1) to help the candidates who are studying and looking for internship

(2) to help the candidates like me who is having a break in the career and willing to continue now.


Internshala Review

How to Download Internshala ?

  1. Go to google playstore .
  2. Type internshala in the search bar
  3. Select internshala from the list
  4. Click the install button
  5. Now you can see internshala app near mobile screen.
  6. Open that app it will ask you to sign up. You can use your email id or telephone number to sign up. Set a password that is safe as well as easy for you to remember. After signing in it will take you to the home screen of Internshala app.  The picture of the home screen look like below.

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7. You will see a search bar in that app … Type the category (like marketing, data entry etc )in the search bar. Then it will show you the details as given below in the screen.


work from home intershala


It contains company name job category, stipend etc.   Read the details described in that page and if you are satisfied click the apply button at the bottom of the page.

8. It’s highly recommended to create a compelling resume of yours in Internshala. Remember,  the employer will get the details about you only by seeing your resume. Take time to fill out those details carefully. The app itself ask for some details and just we need to type the information that’s it.

Your details will be sent to that company and they will contact you and will provide further instruction.


How to become a Internshala certified applicant?

The chances of being selected or shortlisted is high when you become a Internshala certified applicant. To become a certified applicant, you will need to clear a test. The test will have general questions about how you need to approach a job in Internshala. It’s not tricky, just use your common sense to give answer. Once, you clear the test, you will become a certified applicant and earn a Internshala badge.

I cleared the test and become a certified applicant. I choose ‘Marketing’ category and applied for four work from home opportunities. The salary range was from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7000. I really don’t have an idea number of hours do we work every day as the job description were not that detailed.

How do we know if we are shortlisted?

Keep applying for jobs as there is no limit. Make sure to go through the eligibility criteria and then apply for suitable ones. Once, you are shortlisted, you will receive an email from the company.

I was shortlisted by one of the companies and receive an email. It was for a digital marketing intern work from home job. They asked me to write a 500 words blog post as a part of selection criteria. They gave me title suggestions too.

Is there any hidden cost there or do we need to pay some money?

The website is free to use for both the companies and the candidates. They don’t take any amount either from candidates or employers. Internshala offers short term and long term online skill development paid course for candidates. This is how they make money.  There is no hidden cost for applying to an internship program or for joining a job.

Will they provide only internship or job opportunities as well?

Yes, some companies also offer job opportunities upon successful completion of internship training.

Is it full time or part time?

Some companies will offer for full time and some companies will provide part-time opportunities. You can choose to apply according to your availability.

Do I get Legit work from home opportunity in Internshala?

Let us talk about my own experience with Internshala. I was searching for an online work from home job opportunity in Internshala. I applied for social media marketing job as I have the skill. I was shortlisted by one of the companies. They asked me to write a blog post on a given topic of 800 words. They stated that once I submit the post, they will call me for a telephonic interview.

If they really wanted to test my writing skill, they should have asked for 200 words article. Whatsoever, I did write a post and submitted to employer. They did not get back to me. To my surprise, I saw my blog post on their website.

I read same kind of experience from different people on Quora. That being said, one of my friends applied for a full time internship training after completing his MBA. He said the internship was great and he had a very good opportunity to learn and get paid as well.

We both had different experience with Internshala.


What is Internshala Student Partnership program?

Internshala also conducts Student Partnership program where you will be representing Internshala in your college when you are studying. It’s a 70 days program where you will have opportunity to fine tune your marketing and communication skills. The best performers would receive prizes and cash incentives. As a student partner, you will need to promote Internshala course certification programs to your fellow students.

My Review on Internshala

The full time internship training works better and help students who are looking for internship program. In case, you’re looking to find a work from home job in Internshala, it may end up wasting your time.  Internshala would serve better only if they have a measure to filter fake employers.

If you get a call from the company my suggestion is not to blindly accept and get involved in it. Because you need to check the person who is calling you is really a part of the company or a fake person. You have to verify with the company and then can proceed. If needed can directly visit the company and verify then you can proceed. Verification is must because you may suffer of fraudulent calls and may suffer because of that.  Its better to visit the place once so that it is easy for you to judge the company by seeing where it is located, how many people are working, really the company exist still, environment etc… It may also helpful to see some people in that company those who are benefited and can know about there experience.

Have you used Internshala platform?  What’s your internshala review? Please feel free to share your experience in the comment section.


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