About Me

Pink route aims at helping work at home moms. Either you run a small business or looking to earn money online at home, I can help you through this blog.

I left my full time job since five years after I gave birth to my son. I should be at home to bring out the best of my son. I also needed a break from the full stressed office life. Hence, I decided to quit my job.

Once, my son started growing I realized vacuum and I have more free time left. I started hunting for part-time jobs. I was deceived by more online scams when I started my journey.  I wasted time, money and energy.

Since, I hold a master degree in business administration, I completed a diploma certification course in Digital Marketing. There started my journey. I have successfully helped small business to succeed through digital marketing including Facebook and Google adwords.

Now, with my experience, I aim at helping work at home moms who have small business to have a digital presence.

I can help you with the following:

  1. Create a website for your business
  2. Set up social media channels
  3. Teach you how to market your business if you wish to start on your own
  4. VA services
  5. Customer services

Please send your inquiry at thepinkroute05(at)thepinkroute.com

I also invite non business women to work together with me. If you wish to be a part of the team, please contact admin(at)thepinkroute.com.

Follow my blogs for tips and tricks to earn money at home. I also share tips to market your small business online.


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