“What is the real status of women in India? Do they have freedom?” -The answer may surprise you.

It’s our 70th day of independence to our mother country India. We asked Indian women from various back ground, “What is the real status of women in India? Do they have freedom?” Some answers may really surprise you.

status of women in India


We often refer India as our Mother country. Mother here refers to women of India. According to the 2011 Census, the population of women in India is 360,948,755. This number is almost 49% of the total population. India being an Independent country, we all need to think about the real status of women in India to find if we are really Independent.

We thank all the participants for expressing their thoughts on status of women in India.

Tradition, Culture, Family and Male domination kills Indian Women says Kavitha:


Freedom means, the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. Are Indian women enjoying real freedom? I am very sceptical about that.


Let’s paint a picture of Indian women in our mind. What comes to your mind when I think of Indian women:

The first snapshot that appears in front of me is a village women with a saree carrying a pot of water on her head and a child in her other hand with a sun rising in her background.

Her morning starts with procuring water for the family and her motherly duties for the child and it proceeds and ends up at night with her mind thinking of the next day morning.

The Indian women we see in newspapers, social media are the top 5% of the females in the society. It might look they are having freedoms they want. It might seem that they had their August 15th every day in their life.

But I think the majority of Indian women are as in the above painted picture. They are still in the pre-Independence British era, not within the rule of British, but within the chains of tradition, culture, family, male domination etc.

I would like to put Mahatma Gandhi ‘s quote “When our women walk alone during midnight, we have won our Independence! Till then, we have to live under the shame of our bad brothers’ culture.”

Being a lady and spending my time leisurely in walking inside the four walled air conditioned mall, here I’m forced to constrict myself because of my safety.

Already those savages have littered the society and caused young age deaths because of their immoral acts.

Girls should get equal rights in their ancestral property though law prevails our society don’t even think about it, here comes the male chauvinism.

Every woman should have a quench of thirsty without any need of encouragement/permission or approval. Let them come out of their space and have a freedom of breath. Put their hurdles back give birth to a better world of freedom for the betterment of the society.

Societal pressure cuffs Indian women, says Uma:

“What is the real status of Indian women?”- It’s not as worse as many think. We have defeated many problems such as Sati, Child marriage and Devadasi system. Dowry is still an issue and we hear bad news here and there. I feel, “Societal pressure” has a greater impact in Indian women’s life.

No freedom to pursue higher education, no freedom to decide when to get married, no freedom to choose their life partner and no freedom to travel on their own.

The reason their family says, ‘As a woman, you can’t travel alone’, “if you study more, it will be difficult to find a life partner for you’, ‘it will be difficult to get married if you delay marriage’.

If you dig deep and see the primary reasons for all these denials are societal pressure. Parents are much worried on what others’ say about their daughter.

The societal pressure doesn’t stop here. It also dictates a woman when to have a baby.

Hence, I feel the real independence of Indian women is when they are allowed to live without societal pressure.

Mindset matters, says Chandra:

Chandra Kala

I am proud and happy to be born as a girl child. As the saying goes…Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so is the feeling towards the women of Independent India.

I personally feel that Women have crossed lot of barriers and have moved much forward in all walks of life. There is much understanding among fellow-men and freedom in women to express their opinion compared to the olden days.

Women have conquered almost all the fields and have recorded innumerable achievements in their profession. The important ACTS formulated by constitution on equal rights is itself a great support for women. There are lots of NGOs who help solve issues faced by women.

There are activists who support intolerance done to women. There are special Governmental groups to support and solve women grievances. Yet, we hear of dowry deaths, cases on domestic violence, exploitation / harassment etc.

According to me if a woman does not suppress and allows another woman to grow, then I perceive it as a total freedom. So we can say we have obtained tremendous growth in women but it is still not complete as few more are suffering.

It all lies in the minds of the woman individuals, though abstract it may look, they should come out of their trauma and understand that at each stage of life they have a certain set of freedom that they can experience.

This freedom of thought in them can lead to lot of growth. This realization within a woman individual can transform our country to be an Independent India

Cowardliness makes Indian women weak, says Jaya:


What does independence stand for? The ability to live your life without being helped or influenced by other people. Of course, with no doubt women is independent.

No one has the right to grab her freedom. But what makes her feel so?? Yes her cowardliness makes her so. That is the only reason which makes other rule on her. Her confidence and braveness should be high. Does that mean she can do whatever she wants to do in an arrogant way? No certainly not. This means she has to handle the situation with full love and knowledge. Then we can see the magic, everybody will surrendered to her.

Independence is not in the clothes or speech etc ., how much confidence and clarity a women has will pave the way for it. Women Independence means not only the gender equality.

In India we can still see the atrocities within the families’ mother in law torturing daughter in laws for money matters (dowries) etc.

Every woman should be bold and firm to handle such situations. In those days great grandmas were ruling the families. Now in every field women are there. Financially also she will be independent.

Last but not least small adjustments will bring peace, it doesn’t take freedom.

Women should be treated with dignity – that’s the real freedom, says Vasumathi:


What is the real status of Indian women? As I sit to think on this topic so many things hit my mind. Headlines during recent times in India, gang rape, rape of a minor girl child, child marriage. So where real freedom and what is the real freedom for women in India?

A few decades back, freedom for Indian women is to make them educated, self-dependent and realizing her rights.
But nowadays we see most of the women are education, lead life of their choice, managing higher positions in so many organizations.

Most of the women manage business as well as home. I wonder even now, why do we talk about real freedom for Indian women? Do we lack on some of important things to be followed?

Yes, we do. When all men respect women we get real freedom. When women is not seen as a weaker sex and not exploited because of her weakness we get real freedom. When women is not seen as an object but treated with dignity we get real freedom.

As a mother, I teach my son to treat all women with respect. I also believe, it’s all mother’s duty to raise their son to treat all women with dignity. Real freedom of Indian women should not be a dream but should become real in coming days.

No need to fight for any sought of freedom, Indian women inherent them, says Gayathri:


Down the ages the life and role of women have taken different dimensions and have never and will never be static. As such the freedom of a woman is entangled by various social causes and situational elements.

In my perspective, a woman has all the freedom lying within her- to express, act, react, activate and to do things of her choice. Freedom can neither be given nor taken away from a person – a man or women as the case may by. It is only when one succumbs to opposition and hesitates to stand up to face challenges that the question of freedom arises.

Nature has its best choices in store for a woman at all times. Physical and mental abilities, inherent potentials and specialties can never be the same for a man and woman as this is what that demarcates a Man from a Woman. It is this understanding which is the need of the hour, more than running from pillar to post for the Cause of Women Liberation.
“Women have been created not to do all that Men can do…But to do even those things that Men cannot do!!”. The Purpose of Creation of Women cannot be defined better than this. This is the portrait of woman drawn with different faces and different characters revolving around stories of all HOLY books and Epics. Clear understanding of this itself is a real freedom for Women and of course Indian Women in specific.

  • Freedom is not only to Express what you think is right but also to Express right thinking!!
  • Freedom is not only to Protest against Suppression but also to carry oneself with courage amidst challenges!!
  • Freedom is not only Denial and Defiance but also Accepting Roles and Adapting to Situations!!
  • Freedom is not only Independence but also Inter-Dependence!!
  • Freedom does not only mean Conquer but also means Surrender to Love & Righteousness!!
  • Freedom of Women is real when she is BOLD in tougher times & BEAUTIFUL in pleasant times!!

Indian Women have always proven to be Bold & Beautiful and there is very less no need to fight for any sought of freedom as it is inherent in them.

Education brings freedom within her, says Srividhya:


One of my favorite quotes about woman is

‘ It is hard to be a woman
You must think like a man
Act like a lady
Look like a girl
And work like a horse’

A woman is like the Sun which is the center of solar system and like salt in a food without which the food is tasteless. She plays the vital roles of a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother so on in a family and in the public she takes the role of teacher, doctor, politician, engineer, head of a company, athlete and so on. A woman takes up all the professions these days. No area is left unexplored by women.

The real freedom does not come from outside, it comes from within. If the woman has the courage and bold enough to face any situation, nothing can stop her.

A girl child should be educated right from childhood with good thoughts and to handle any situation as, she is the core of the future society


In the honor of Indian Independence day, we thought it is vital to know the status of Indian women. We really appreciate all the participants for their time.

Indian flag has three colors and we would like to mean them in a different way. Green, white and saffron should symbolize for women’s growth, non-violence and education. Let chakras be the weapon to protect the women of India

Now, Over to you! What is the real status of women in India? Do they have freedom? Please feel free to share your views in the comments section.

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6 thoughts on ““What is the real status of women in India? Do they have freedom?” -The answer may surprise you.

  • August 14, 2016 at 8:56 am

    Firstof all,”I am proud to be a woman” that too born in India. Freedom is not comes from outside it should be from mind. Nowadays indian women are ready to face any challenges not only in the family but also in the society. Now we are having freedom to express our views,this itself is remarkable change in the status of women. Our thoughts are welcomed,it is right time to encourage another woman to prove herself. We need only encouragement from the society and the family,rest of the things can be done easily.

  • September 1, 2016 at 2:46 am

    I am happy that an important topic has been chosen for discussion on the occasion of our 70th Independence Day. As for as myself is concerned freedom can not be obtained forcefully from others, but we must get it by ourselves proving ourselves worthy of it by our actions. Hindhusthan has proved itself that it is worthy of its hard earned freedom by its democratic approach to every problem! Nothing is obtained easily. Every humanbeing/animal/any creation has to fight for its survival. God/Nature has given the required ability for everyone/every creation for its survival. Women are not an exception. As Srividya has rightly pointed out by her quote, the woman must think like a man, act like a mother, look like a girl and work like a horse if she has to survive. She is capable of it whereas a man cannot. As uma rightly pointed out, woman must get rid of the societal pressures and march forward in her own right chosen path tirelessly without caring for the adverse comments from others.

    • admin
      September 2, 2016 at 3:43 am

      Thank you very much for your comments and encouraging words. Indeed women must get rid of societal pressures and march towards reaching their goals. Keep reading our articles and support us.

  • December 15, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    Women’s empowerment is the empowerment of the world; and their dis-empowerment is the dis-empowerment of the world in general.


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