101 easy and simple tips to reduce stress; you’ll love to know

Do you know Indian women are the most stressed on the earth?  I have compiled here 101 ways to reduce stress instantly which you will love to know.




how to reduce stress

According to a survey conducted by ‘Women of Tomorrow’, it is revealed that 87% of Indian women felt they are stressed always.

Nielsen’s study, which was conducted from February to April of 2011, polled almost 6,500 women throughout 21 developed and emerging countries including those in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and North America. The study was done in an effort to better understand women’s consumer habits, but yielded some fascinating conclusions about what causes stress in women around the world.


Reuters also finds that women around the world were largely more stressed than those of the past, but also found that women in emerging economic and social markets were more stressed than those in developed countries. “While women in emerging markets see tremendous growth in the opportunities for their daughters, a plateau of hope is evident in developed countries,” said Susan Whiting, Nielsen’s vice chair, in a statement.

The results of the polls showed that an astounding 87% of Indian women claim feeling stressed most of the time, with an additional 82% asserting they had insufficient time to relax.

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What is stress?

Stress is a very common issue in the society today. It cannot be restricted to any age group as each and everyone is affected by it. You can’t escape.

Stress within your comfort zone have some positive effects too. Say for example, if you have to do a presentation, if you have to write an exam, the stress that you face is really needed. This positive stress will push you to achieve your goal. But, what we are talking here is about the overwhelmed stress.

Overwhelmed stress is not good for physical and mental health.

What are the causes of stress?

Indian women are expected to be the ‘the best daughter’, ‘the best sister’, ‘the best wife’, ‘the best mother’, ‘the best daughter-in-law’ and ‘the best grandma’. This is one of the reasons why women take so much pressure on them which leads to stress. Even if they become grandma, they have stress.

Routine life has become very monotonous with electronic gadgets ruling  us, occupying even our personal space. Our change in lifestyle and so called modernization has pushed us towards stress.

When compared to our childhood days, the children of the present generation do not have enough space to play or a good socializing factor or events to experience happiness. They do not even have a safe atmosphere and moreover are burdened  with several activities after school hours. The play time has drastically reduced.

Nowadays, there is a vast difference even in a festival celebration or in observing a puja and Vrath etc. Even comparison among-st family members have created undue problems.  This is due to the limitation of being in a nuclear family when compared to two decades ago where joint family existed.

In my case, I usually get stressed in the morning time. This is the prime active zone where in I have to finish everything and get my kid ready for the school. My stress adds up if any festival or functions come up. I hope you would also face the same issue.

What are the common symptoms of stress?

A very common symptom of stress is headache. This is what I face and when I discussed it with my friends they also told that they get headache when they are stressed out.

One of my friends become angry and shout at kids when she is stressed.

However, the symptoms varies from person to person. Some women may face physical symptoms such as digestion issue, no appetite, early aging signs, blood pressure and in some chronic cases nervous problems and heart attack.

The emotional symptoms of stress includes: mood swings, anger, constant worry, anxiety etc.


From Visually.

How to reduce stress?

Identification of the problem indicates 50% success. This realization would give us many solutions and suggestions as well. It is quite simple, if we stay disciplined.

The best way to overcome stress is to prepare and plan. If our mind is prepared to take up more work load the next day, you will not be stressed out.

I have listed here 101 simple and easy ways to overcome stress in life. The list includes how I overcome stress whenever I experience it and the ways how my friends overcome their stress:

  1. Do not assume or have any expectations in life
  2. Maintain a positive attitude that is “All is Well”
  3. Practice Yoga/Pranayam whenever you are tired and stressed out
  4. Follow a simple nutritious timely diet
  5. Do only those activities that gives you immense happiness, ex. That can be a charity-based
  6. Attend any Art course
  7. Perform Yoga, Arts
  8. Attend Upanyasam – religious speech of your favorite orator
  9. Listen to music
  10. Read books
  11. Go out for a walk
  12. Meet your friends
  13. Do a window shopping
  14. Go to beach
  15. Have a short “Me-time”
  16. Spend time with your pet animals
  17. Play with your kids
  18. Blow a balloon. (???). It’s a kind of breathing exercise. Breathing exercise helps to reduce stress.
  19. Talk with your parents and siblings
  20. Watch your favorite comedy show
  21. Remove clutters – This is one of the ways why stress is caused. I often get stressed when I don’t find my locker keys.
  22. Sit and watch your aquarium
  23. Drink orange juice or any high Vitamin C juice. This will reduce stress
  24. Sing your favorite song loudly
  25. Have enough sleep
  26. Reduce caffeine and sugar. This will increase the blood sugar level which causes stress
  27. Use your favorite perfume. Aroma therapy is a wonderful way to reduce stress
  28. Drink black tea
  29. Take part in a religious activity.
  30. Go for a massage
  31. Gum chewing also helps to reduce stress
  32. Hug your loved ones
  33. Re-arrange the furniture in your living room
  34. Decorate your space with dried lavender. Reduces stress with aroma therapy
  35.  Eat strawberry dipped in a chocolate. Strawberry is rich in Vitamin C
  36. Take bath in Luke warm water
  37. Scalp massage works if you have headache due to stress
  38. Spend time in Sauna or steam room in your gym
  39. Massage your feet
  40. Help others
  41. Celebrate your small wins
  42. Avoid junks and eat nuts
  43. Rub your ears. It is an acupuncture point to relieve from stress
  44. Do a few stretches during break time
  45. Do 10 jumping jacks.
  46. Live the moment. Focus on what you are doing and do not think about your worries
  47. Stay away from people who talks about their worries always
  48. Practice swimming
  49. Try to see the positive side always
  50. Stay away from negative habits
  51. Love yourself
  52. Turn off your phone, TV and stay calm
  53. Grow plants
  54. Minimize house hold chores
  55. Take one day off of your chores
  56. Follow your passion (craft work, coloring, art etc)
  57. Plan a small family trip
  58. Plan a short trip with your friends
  59. Follow sleep discipline. Wake up and go to bed at a constant time
  60. Recite your devotional prayer
  61. Avoid taking refined vegetable oil foods
  62. Eat Dark chocolate
  63. Spend time with nature, birds signing, tress around you etc.
  64. Practice your favorite dance (Bharathanatyam to ballet)
  65. Ask for help from others
  66. Listen to mantras (Ohm)
  67. Start your day as you like. Go to temple, meditate or do something else. Don’t go to kitchen immediately.
  68. Simplify your day. Don’t make it complex.
  69. Play your favorite sport
  70. Go for a long bike ride
  71. Gaze the sky and stars
  72. Grown up? No worries, Do adult coloring to reduce stress
  73. See your old album. Jump into old memories
  74. No time for gym and exercise. Take stairs when ever you go out
  75. Celebrate your beauty. Change your hairstyle.
  76. Love monsoon changes. Love rain.
  77. Have romance with your husband
  78. Maintain a good work -life balance
  79. Change your outfit
  80. Share a joke
  81. Treat your sickness such as cold which may cause stress
  82. Keep yourself financially safe
  83. Save money for unexpected expenses
  84. Focus on your senses. What you feel, listen, smell etc.
  85. Write about what you worry most and flush it
  86. Identify the one good thing you did on the day and appreciate yourself
  87. Always use positive words when you speak or write
  88. Get engaged in Social media sites
  89. Best diet to live without stress: three meals and three snacks a day
  90. Reiki helps to reduce stress
  91. Gap on dietary supplement is one of the causes of stress. Take multivitamin tablets after consulting a doctor
  92.  Have a good cry
  93. Reinvent your bedroom. Make sure it to be dark, cool and quiet to have a peaceful sleep.
  94. Practice to write down few lines in your diary on a regular basis for self-assessment and improvement
  95. Set up a Time Table and some tasks for a day or for a week and evaluate
  96. It will be interesting to try out new varieties of dishes exhibiting cookery skills; this can be the best distraction factor during stress
  97. Do not bother about anyone commenting on your work
  98. Knit sweaters for your pet or kid
  99. Try to manage Time always by planning ahead
  100. Have faith in God in whatever you do and surely success is all yours
  101. Last but not least, make a list of your favorite stress buster activities and keep them in front of you. On your computer screen or on your bill board. Pick one and do it when you are stressed out.

Please share it with your friends especially who are in stress. It will help to reduce stress. Have I missed any of your favorite ways to reduce stress? Please feel free to add it in the comments section.

Chandra Kala

Chandra Kala

I am proud to be an Indian; am from Chennai, currently in Bengaluru. I hold my doctoral degree in Medicinal Botany from Madras Christian College (MCC) affiliated to Madras University. My interests are varied especially in studying different medicinal systems, ethnobotany, knowing informations on Astrology, Sanskrit, spirituality etc. I believe in the saying "Better late than never". Give a Try....and have patience....surely shall win some day.....is my attitude!! Hard work and Trust in God shall do wonders.

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