Are core subject in schools really useful for day-to-day life?

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and my five year old kid ran to me and asked “Are core subject in schools really useful for day-to-day life?”.


Recently, I had to push her more to study for mathematics examination. This might be the reason, I believe. But, the question she asked made me to think and write a post on this.


I have come across many kids struggling in learning core academic subjects that include language, Mathematics, science, History and Geography.

core subjects in schools

According to an Education news published in Independent, a report claims, students should study at least five academic subjects up to the age of 16.


“The report, entitled Core Business, calls for every 16-year-old to study a core of five academic GCSEs, including English, maths, sciences, foreign languages and history or geography.

It says: “The continuing move away from academic qualifications could lead to a new cultural divide developing, entrenching privilege”

Read complete news here.

Let’s go back to our childhood days. I think almost all of you would agree with me that we had a favorite subject of our own which we adored during our childhood and in School.

At that juncture we as students would not have realized the importance of each subject. All that we knew was to study and obtain good marks.

Though it is something personal with everyone, the truth behind the subject importance is different. As I grew, I realized that all subjects are essential for our day-to-day life.

For instance, let us assume that we are going to arrange for a trip to a place, which we have never been to. So what would be the next step?

This would require a thorough and a meticulous planning for a successful trip. So the first thing what we would do is to refer either by browsing google or by reading the booklet published about the places as how good the place is going to be and for what purposes.

We would also gain knowledge by asking few of our friends and relatives who had been to that particular place before. So we first itself ensure whether the place would be historical/adventurous/entertainment based or having any religious importance or any related useful information. This prepares our mind for the trip ahead.

Okay, we understand so far that Planning an event is a very important subject part of Management Science. Hence, for gathering information we had used Computers for browsing.

Then we book tickets to visit the place using internet. Actually, each one of us are growing rapidly in this era due to our knowledge on usage of computers.

We learn a lot and also have been to socialize a lot . This advancement has built up good relationships with all the friends, relatives and among working companions forming different groups (Sociology) through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

The above holds good interrelationships developing our Public Relation (PR) skills which we practice when we are facing the people in real in the trip we undertake. By learning we know the history of the place and by using maps (Geographical Location) we are able to reach the destination.

One who has studied Environmental Science (EVS) with much involvement would be able to appreciate the place and be conscious enough to keep it clean.

Of course a person can enjoy his trip more if he is well versed in handling people through his basic Human Resource (HR) skills and his effective communication skills. For this to happen, he must have command over the languages.

The person should be good in the regional language to which he has undertaken the trip. Not only this is enough, he should have basic Psychological sense to understand the behavior of his people in the surroundings.  

Mathematics is personally very useful in our daily chores. It is an inevitable subject. For anything and everything we need to calculate money to have sustainable maintenance.

When a person has got aesthetic sense he would definitely love any form of ART. If he/she is inclined to the subject spirituality then definitely would prove to be humane.

Reading books may be a Food for Thought but in actual when you are in a new environment you would try various food of that particular region, which is also a nice source of Home Science knowledge.

Whichever place we head to, we cherish pleasant memories by the hospitality received. Still with all these subjects in our mind without doing our exercises, Meditation and Yoga we are not complete.

Medical field is a vast subject and an ever useful one. There are many more subjects and the list is never ending…we  are gaining experience by various means of exposure and let us utilize the opportunity by realizing the applied aspects of each of them. So we need to understand that trip will be more successful if we are good at life managing skills.

No one can escape from any subject which he/she has ignored during the childhood or college days.

We need not be a genius in all subjects but at least let us give a try to know a bit of every subject. It is okay if we hear people call us “Jack of all trades, Master of None”. But I at least believe in the saying “When you are in Rome, Be a Roman” so that you manage your atmosphere and make it serene with your knowledge.

There is also a contrary thought to this. Is academic education alone enough for a happy life?

The guardian says:

In the future being adaptable, able to learn how to learn, rather than learn how to remember, will be the only way of staying afloat in a swirling labour market. But it seems we’ve decided the future isn’t happening.

Instead, in desperation, the government is going to cling ever more tightly to the old certainties of pointless rote-learning of a few chosen subjects that are deemed – in Nicky Morgan’s word – to be “hard”, on the basis that if they’re hard, they must be good. Why?

What’s really hard is being creative – and that’s going to get a lot harder in a global economy that is itself becoming more creative – and more competitive. That’s why the Chinese government have made it a central part of their strategy to “move from made in China to designed in China”. They see where the real money lies along the value chain.

Read the complete article here.

Education is important in addition to it, gaining knowledge through experience is much more realistic for a happy life.

What’s your favorite subject in school? Do you think core subjects in schools are really useful for day to day life? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Chandra Kala

Chandra Kala

I am proud to be an Indian; am from Chennai, currently in Bengaluru. I hold my doctoral degree in Medicinal Botany from Madras Christian College (MCC) affiliated to Madras University. My interests are varied especially in studying different medicinal systems, ethnobotany, knowing informations on Astrology, Sanskrit, spirituality etc. I believe in the saying "Better late than never". Give a Try....and have patience....surely shall win some my attitude!! Hard work and Trust in God shall do wonders.

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  • Kavitha
    September 14, 2016 at 6:20 am

    Amazing facts and article Chandra well done

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    nice content. well done.

  • March 22, 2017 at 7:50 am

    Mr. Dileep R. Ghatge.
    I am a self taught engineer living in Mumbai. I, From my 68 years of experience perceive the basic form of education must be – guaranteed development of qualities / abilities to take – responsibility of procuring – life’s absolute necessities. Most sorts of miseries can be avoided, eliminated ; by management of education, through love, & intellect.

    • admin
      April 10, 2017 at 7:25 am

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts Sir! Indeed education, lover and intellect are important.. Keep visiting our site and share your insights.


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